I Dont Know What To Do

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Deirdra - January 16

friday i had an appt with wic and i missed it b/c i had to bring the baby to the dr.s agian. and now they dont have another appt for over a week and a half and i checked the other closet offices and they are all booked! im at a lost, im out of money just about out of formula and im screwed. we have money saved for gas so my dh can get to work but he has to use that money to get formula and then he cant get to work and we loose money. and it sucks b/c i have to buy nutramagin! which is SOOO expensive! i just dont know anymore...


Lisastar9 - January 16

Just to be on the safe side better ask your dr for a note to state what kind of formula your son takes. You never knowif you would recieve the correct kind of formula stamps. Can you borrow money fromyour Mom till dh gets paid so he can still use the money to get to work. Maybe phone the hospital to see if they can give you samples for formula for the time being. Ah hope it works out.


BreaunasMommy - January 16

ask your pediatrician if they have some free samples. I know when my dd had to awitch formulas my pedi gave me a bunch of free samples to see how she would do on the new formula before we bought it.


Deirdra - January 16

i know he is on nutramgin and so doesnt wic its just they have NO appt. and my mom is out of town AGIAN! and my pedi office is closed , as always...


SonyaM - January 16

Try contacting the local food bank or church. They usually have items on hand or money for situations like this. Also it might be a good idea next time to have dh take the baby to the appt. so you can go to the WIC appt. or vice versa. WIC appt.s are too important and you have to work with their schedule.


soon2bemomof3 - January 16

i work at city hall in my town and the mayors wife runs "helping hands" and it's basically a food bank and charitable center that helps people in a situation like that and most towns have something like that. I would call the city hall where you live to see who you can contact about it.


mcatherine - January 16

A local food bank can get you the formula you need. We donate to one and they call atleast twice a month for someone that needs a specialized formula. We pick it up and drop it off - sometimes in a matter of 20 minutes. BreaunasMommy is right - your pedi should have some free samples you can just stop by and pick up without needing an appointment.



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