I Dont Know What To Do Anymore

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apr - February 15

Ok, for the past 2 days ds has been so cranky. He's on strike, wont eat and I am at wits end... He's 6 months btw. I took his temperaqture and its normal. He wont stop screaming unless I hold him... Now after a bath I tried again to give him a bottle and he started screaming again. I put the pacifier in his mouth and that was it, he fell asleep. I dont mind the peace and quiet now lol, but what could it be?


mcatherine - February 15

apr - what is with our boys? Hudson won't eat either. The past two days it was just in the morning and now today - nothing - he hasn't eaten at all. Try to give him the bottle and he cries or acts like he is gagging. No fever. Same thing - gave him his paci and out he went????? He's been asleep for 2 hours now? I'm clueless, too. Someone help us both - I'm a little worried :o(


rl- - February 15

when my ds is cutting a tooth he does not eat good at all, he would take a bottle but not much else so maybe it is teething????


Amandanbaby - February 15

Sometimes my son does that, too. He is 10 months old. He won't eat and acts like he's gagging on it then takes his pacifier and pa__ses out. I figure he just needed the extra sleep and he makes up not eating by pigging out the next couple days. My mom says that kids are funny that way, not eating a lot for a few days then pigging out for a few days. As long as no temp. or other apparent symptons...I guess they're working it out themselves with the sleep!


Erynn21 - February 15

I always say there are "hungry" days and then other days where babies aren't that hungry, I notice the teething thing too, when Nora's teething it's like it hurts her to eat.


kellens mom - February 15

apr- have you checked his mouth for thrush? Your son sounds exactly like my dd a few weeks ago. I just happened to catch a glimpse of the top of her mouth and saw a little white sore...darn thrush! We started on the yogurt immediately and by the next morning I had a different kid. It is so hard when you don't know what is wrong.


Angiconda - February 15

Apr and Mc I am with you on the cranky boys, Landon has been the same way. He has actually been sick with a bad cold and a bad cough since the end of January since he started daycare. Ever since yesterday he won't eat like normal. I don't know what to do. I have taken him to the pedi 2 times now for him being sick and they say he's just got a cold. I just want him to get better.


apr - February 15

kellens mum-nope no tongue thrush. I know what it is b/c he had it a couple weeks after he was born. MC-I havent been on hardly today, I was rather busy...I'll talk to u on our thread. Maybe he is teething...brrrrrrrr


mcatherine - February 15

apr - sorry things are so rough. Hud has diarreah now, too. I hope its teething and not a stomach virus thats going around the elementary schools....argh!


apr - February 16

MC-he has diarreah now too. lovely...actually just to update you, he had 2 bottles during the night, and another 3/4 of a bottle this morning. whats with you?


Smilefull - February 17

if they're really tired they get really cranky---to the point where they're overtired, and so cranky they can't fall asleep---maybe that was it?


apr - February 17

its still going on and on... can he be teething? He hardly wants to eat, and gets into sudden fits of uncontrollable crying... no fever. anyone?



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