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mosley12 - February 1

my ds is 3 1/2 months old, and has had one scoop of cereal in some bottles, so that it was really soupy, since he was about 2 months, and jsut recently started eating cereal that was thicker from a spoon. it was all done on drs recommendations and he is doing great with it. he loves eating with a spoon and smiles and giggles the whole time, and he has no problem swallowing it or moving it back with his tongue, and his bowel movements havent seemed to be bothered by it. but i keep reading places where it says to wait til either 4 months or 6, and that a baby's digestive system cant handle it, and thats its not good to start them so young. so i feel soooooo bad thinking im not a good mom because ive already started ds on cereal at a younger age. i know its what the dr. recommened and that ds is doing great on it, but as a first time mom, i cant help second guessing myself or the dr and think im doing more harm than good! has anyone else started any of there lo's on cereal at such a young age? how did everything turn out for you?


3babies - February 1

Hi - we are advised the same thing here in Australia ... very rarely will a doctor here advocate giving solids earlier or putting cereal in a bottle ... but ... I started my eldest son (now 6 1/2yo) on cereal at 3 1/2 months from a spoon with no probs at all. We dont have any family history of allergies or anything like that so nothing in that area to worry about. My second son started about 4 months and my daughter was 1 week shy of 6 months. I was just guided by them (actually I thought I had better give it to my daughter or she would never be bothered to leave the b___b!!!). If your son is happy and having no probs then I wouldnt worry. You would definitely know if he had allergy probs by know as they get a lot of pain, and gut upset with the difficulty in digesting it. Good luck and enjoy him... they grow so fast!


christa0120 - February 1

this saying comes to mind..."if it aint broke, dont fix it"...............everything is fine...why worry? I know as a parent it is hard but there will be many more things to worry as out as time pa__ses


mcatherine - February 1

It has something to do with allergies. I guess the AAP says that starting them earlier than 6 mos. may contribute to your child having allergies. With that said, I am also a parent that was advised to start with cereal in the bottle. I did, but it hurt his tummy too bad so I stopped. At 3.5 mos my son was drinking 50 oz a day! So they advised me to to start cereal from a spoon. I did - he took it well and at 4.5 months, we started him on fruits and veggies. The AAP doesn't make the rules. While they can recommend something - it doesn't mean that it is the bottom line. Just like your doctor is there to help guide you, but not tell you that only what he says goes. You're the mother and you'll know if something doesn't feel right for your child. If it doesn't - then don't do it, but if it does.... My docs office acknowledged that the AAP recommends 6 mos, but that he was in disagreement if there were no family history of allergies. Our family doc agreed with him. I did what I thought I should do. The cereal cut down on his formula intake dramatically - guess he was just hungry!!


KLC - February 1

I have four children and they ALL started cereal around that age. Actually my oldest started at like 10 weeks because he was just miserable. I couldn't figure out why. My mother said he needed cereal because he wasn't getting enough from the formula alone. Him being my first child I was doing everything by the book. LOL. So my mother who was watching him while I worked, starting giving him the cereal and I only found out about it when I wondered aloud to her why he hadn't been so miserable!!! So that being said I think you are doing fine and you are not a bad mom :) Every baby is different so they can't all be on the same timeline right?


sahmof3 - February 1

If his tummy handles it well it sounds like his digestive system is mature enough to handle it. Sounds like he'll be fine :-)



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