I Feel Like A Prisoner

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yogi - November 7

just need to know if any one els has this problem. i have a very tuchy baby .she is 5 month and she doesnt mind the car but as soon as we inside a store or mall after 5 minuts she starts fussing and crying.so i have to come back home.i feel like i can not go anywhere with her and i get so jeluse when i see women with their baby shopping ,i am like how do they do it . so my Qi that when your bay cries in the stroler do you ignore them or you do the same and just stay home. please help. i am starting to hate this situation.


suze42 - November 7

First of all...im sure its just a phase...everything babies do go in phases..so it will pa__s. You just have to decide what is worse...being stuck inside and not dealing w/the crying or going out and dealing w/the crying...I have to leave the hosue w/my DD b/c I have an older son..and sometimes she cries in the car the whole time...until she gets so tired she stops...i hate the crying too...but dont let it stop you...you gotta get out. It may also change her behavior if you go out w/her more...since she may get accustomed to it. Good Luck. you are not alone...


DDT - November 7

My ds was the same way at that age. Hated his stroller. I used to start out in the stroller and then eventually he would want up so I always brought a carrier with and put him in there. I always tried to keep him in his stroller as long as possible though. I also tried to occupy him with rotating toys or knicks knacks that you can just pull off the shelves and let her play with. It is a phase but for me it lasted a few months. At about 7 months he started becoming content with sitting in his stroller for long periods.


yogi - November 7

thanks girls, she has beenlike this since she was about 2 month. so if it isa phase i can not wait for it to end. the thing is that when i take her for walk she is fine as long as we are out side .


DDT - November 7

yogi: My ds was also fine being outside for walks in his stroller....fresh air makes a difference? who knows...hang in there!


mamagoose - November 7

Could you try taking her out in something other than a stroller? Up until Tyler was about 5-6 months, he was unhappy being in his stroller at the mall, stores, etc. I used to carry him around in his Snuggli carrier. Do you have a wrap/sling/carrier that you might use instead? Many babies prefer being carried close to their moms when they're that young.


excited2bemama - November 7

My dd hated the stroller too until recently ( when she was little I put her in her carseat that snapped into the stoller. She hated being reclined and havign nothing to look at. We would just put her in the Baby Bjorn and she was fine in that. I would find a carrier or sling or something where she can be close to you and try that. Now that my dd can sit up and look out she likes the stroller alot better. I still bring a paci and toys though because sometimes she does fuss.


madison - November 7

i try to take my dd outdoor places, we have an outdoor mall thats great so we go there once a week just to look and walk around. is your baby eating babyfood? i always take her some if its during lunch time. we go to the food court and she eats in her stroller and looks around at all the kids. every now and then she fusses and i've had to carry her. we try to make our trips out of the house no longer than an hour and a half, then they want out of the stroller. and, for the car, i think they get tired of sitting in there and they are going to cry, and it sucks, but you have to get out to keep your sanity! i try to get out once a day, or at least every other day during the week- grocery store, target, mall, friends house, etc. also, at stores, like DDT, give your dd something new to hold and play with, then put it back before you leave...lol. my dd already knows when there's a new toy around. good luck!



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