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Faiths mommy - January 19

My dd is almost 6 months and has never had a bottle, I have tried to pump milk but my pump really sucks. Now I am trying to give her some juice and she does not want anything to do with the bottle, she doesn't even like a pacifier, do any of you know of a bottle I should be getting?I currently have the playtex nurser.


Kelly K - January 19

My daughter loves her Ventaire Natural Shape. It's supposed to be a lot like the b___st. The nipples are larger and seem to be easier for her. If you do try one out, get the stage 2 nipple for her since she's 6 months old. It has a bigger hole and requires less sucking.


Heidi - January 19

I use the playtex nurser too for while she's at daycare and she takes it just great but I started introducing her to bottles when she was just a few weeks old. Then I quit for a while and strictly nursed and then a few weeks before I went back to work I re-introduced a bottle and the nurser worked the best flow wise for her. It might take a few times before she accepts it too. Let someone else feed her.


shaylanrae - January 19

ive never done bottles, but i tried a pacifier last night (it was one of those rough nights... i think its the 2nd time ive given him a pacifier) and he just spit it out. im thinking a bottle is gonna be the same story... i was looking into the playtex nurser, is it not good, or is she just picky like my guy?


Faiths mommy - January 19

The playtex nurser is a great bottle I have always heard it was a great bottle I wish she would take it.


AutumnsMommy - January 19

At daycare Autumn gets BM in an Avent bottle...they are supposed to most resemble the b___st.. It did take a while for her to warm up to it but she seems happy with it now.


momma - January 19

you could try the gerber comfort hold bottles and comfort latch nipples, like kelly k said try a stage 2 or even a 3 nipple (depending on how fast she drinks and how hard she sucks), that bottle fits the comfort hold sippy cup lid, that is i nice thing, good uck with getting her to use bottles


Sarah-Natalees mama - January 19

Have you considered trying a sippy cup? Thats what I'm going to do when Natalee is ready


Faiths mommy - January 19

I will try the stage 2 nipples also where can I find the gerber comfort hold bottles, I am willing to give it a try. Do you think she could use a sippy cup? she is only almost 6 months.


Jennifer - January 19

I have the Gerber comfort hold bottles and I got them at Target. I've also seen them at Wal-Mart and Babies R US


Sarah-Natalees mama - January 19

The reason I ask is b/c I saw some Avent sippy cups and I think Gerber ones at Target today that say 6months+ so I'm not sure but I have heard that babies that refuse a bottle will sometimes use a cup. I read alot about this when my daughter refused a bottle since she was 3 weeks and now she is 4.5 months but haven't tried a bottle in over a month-I just said forget it. Kellymom.com is where I got info on refusing the bottle.


Christy - January 19

My guy is only 11 weeks and he occa__sionally takes an Avent bottle. Like some others suggested, a sippy cup may be a good option. Have you tried that?


Faiths mommy - January 20

Last night I went to the store and got some sippy cups and a package of 2 nipples, I got the playtex medium flow brown nipples that are shaped like your nipple is when baby is eating they say orthadontic on the front anyways those work great she will finally take a bottle, she loves her juice


KrYstaL - January 20

I would try the juice in a cup. it's a good habit to get into. it will get her used to the cup and juice is not really that good for baby in a bottle. for the b___stmilk i just use the playtex ones with the clear nipples-he doesn't like the brown ones.



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