I Feel SO SO Sad

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Bonnie - January 22

I was laying in bed and couldn't sleep and it really just hit me. Mason is going to be 1 on Tuesday. And while that is cool, should I really be this sad about it? Time has gone by way too fast. I don't want another baby at all, but I sure want to go back in time at will. I miss the whole year. I miss being pregnant, I miss being at the hospital. Okay, well I DON'T miss the reflux, but I miss everything else! I know it's normal to be a little sad. But I feel so sad tonight that I just can't even sleep. My baby is growing up!!


jg - January 22

I know how you feel. Noone tells you your baby is only a baby for, like 2 weeks! :-(


hello - January 22

sorry bonnie, i know how it gets you.... i was ok when my daughter turned one, she still looked like a baby u know.... Now she is a toddler and nearlly 2, this will make you cry for sure.... I dont know where it went, i want to hold her tight and never let go, maybe time will stop...... i am not having anymore kids so maybe thats why its worse......it goes too fast


aurorabunny - January 22

Funny the same thing happened to me just tonight....I was updating Brody's baby book ( just now filling in the "baby's 1rst x-mas parts, LOL) and was looking at his newborn pictures. I thought I can't freaking believe that he's almost 7 months old when it just seems like yesterday that we brought him home!! I imagine one year old will be a shocker for me as well. It's sad and exciting and nervewracking all at the same time. And I also miss being pregnant sometimes...I just remind myself that I don't think being pregnant with a toddler to take care of would quite be the romanticized memory I have of this 1rst pregnancy (i.e.--the days of laying in bed all day, having hubby wait on me hand and foot, and using being pregnant as an excuse to do nothing would totally be gone, LOL!) Sorry Bonnie. =( I know how you feel!!


shelly - January 22

yes it goes so quickly,i say to my hubby treasure this time when they are small because it will be gone before you know it,when my ds reaches the toddler stage i think that is when i will want another, i remember feeling like this thro the different stages,first it was oh hes not a newborn any more,then you cant just leave him anywhere because hes rolling ect,the list goes on and on.i know how you feel, it is sad i miss the being pregnant[altho only sometimes lol]and the baby baby bit,my ds 6 months so he still looks little but not for long. hope you feel better today bonnie.


Rabbits07 - January 22

Yep, it goes by WAY too fast!


taral - January 22

Well, I wasn't sad about it.....until I read your post....lol!!!! My son is 9mths, and it actually does make me sad, he is my 3rd and final baby.....I agree, I don't want more, but I still am grieving the babyness a little!


sahmof3 - January 22

Way too quickly is right!


ssmith - January 22

OMG! I know exactly how you feel. Part of feels like I should be happy and excited for the future and watching my dd grow and develop etc etc.....and I suppose part of me is.....but the bigger part of me is almost devastated that she is 9 months next week! In Canada, our mat. leave is 1 year....so I am soon having to return to work, which also is causing me daily panic and anxiety. I think I cry over all of this everyday. I am even having thoughts of when I can have another baby, which is ridiculous...but I am just so sad that my dd's "baby" phase is gone forever. I also miss being pregnant, miss the anticipation, the kicks, the hospital. I miss everything. It's sad that I get so caught up in all of this because I am losing sight of all the "positives." Does anyone else feel like they have trouble remembering back to when your LO's were tiny? I try to remember what dd felt like in my arms when she was new, and I can't. I try to remember back, and I can hardly remember a thing. That makes me very sad too....I hope my memory returns. Sorry, I started to ramble! I guess I was needing to get all of this out. I have been holding a lot of sadness inside lately. I just honeslty don't know where the last 9 months have gone. I feel this pressure to make every minute of the day with dd wonderful and special because I will have to go back to work soon, and it is making me nuts.


CyndiG - January 22

It does go WAY too fast. My oldest is 8. But I can honestly say that with each stage I've said, this is perfect. I wish I could keep her at this age forever. Then she moves on to the next one and I say, this is perfect, better than the last! I wish I could keep her here forever! Just enjoy each stage! :O}


cae - January 22

I know the feeling very well. Lately, at work I come across some of my old co workers and they ask me how old Ethan is now, and how he is doing. The first things that comes out of my mouth is that he will be 1 years old on the Jan 26 and I get VERY sad:((((


Bonnie - January 22

I feel so depressed about it. I thinkit's because Mason is my first and last baby so I have tried to burn to memory every moment. I've taken over 2,000 photos of him...it's sick, lol. I knwo if I BEGGED my husband we could have another, but we really don't want that. We live paycheck to paycheck now as it is. I have twin 13 year olds who are my step children so another baby would mean a 5 bedroom house. On top of that, I don't want another baby with Mason so young. Just my own personal thing but I feel like it would take away from Mason, I don't know why. I'm 35 and by the time Mason hits 5, I just feel like that would make me too old. So I have always known that barring a miracle, Mason will be the only baby I ever have. Every new stage with him, is just amazing. He just said Mama the other day *sniff*. But when I look back through all the pictures.......


ry - January 22

I feel the same exact way. Isabella is almost 10 months and I miss her being a newborn so much. I cant wait to have my next one but I know he or she will get so big so fast too. Why can tthey still little just a little bit longer? :(


Lisastar9 - January 22

I had my last at 42 years old my gf had her last baby at 46,so 30 is not old at all. Sorry you feel so sad,I tell my kids to stop growing since they were born and they never do they don't listen to their Mom,it is my way of saying stay little stay a baby size.


reachbree - January 22

Iam literally sitting at my desk all teary-eyed now. I too think about how fast my soon2be 5 month old is growing up. It amazes me whenever I look at his newborn pics of how fast he is growing and maturing. I also get sad because I am a working mom and not able to spend the amount of time that I would like to spend with my baby and i feel he's just pa__sing me right up. You moms who are Stay-at-home-moms really have it made to where you can watch your babies actually grow. Whenever I pick my son up from his Grandmothers house everyday, there's always something different about him from when I dropped him off, and i always pray that i dont miss his first word...first giggle....or his first step.


ash2 - January 22

You think thats bad...try having your LAST child and knowing that you will never be going through all the " firsts " again....


Bonnie - January 22

Ash...that's what I AM going through. :P



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