I Feel So Stupid

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pomny143 - November 8

Hi all. I am new to this section of the forum. I alreday have an eight year old son, and am now four 1/2 months preg with my second. I feel so stupid because I have been out of the "baby loop" for so long. Honetsly, I think the only thing I remember about having a baby is the pain of actually "having the baby"! Are there any new things about motherhood that I should know about? New toys, clothes, products that you guys feel are must haves? I feel like this is my first, is that horrible or what? LOL. Someone told me about a Jumperoo the other day, and I was like a Jumper what? LOL. Please help.


c_baer19 - November 8

My older sister did the same with hers, 8 year old son, and then another DS! If you have any specific questions you can email me if you want, c_baer at yahoo.com! There are bottle and wipe warmers now if there weren't 8 years ago, and a Jumperoo is just like an Exersaucer.. a stationary entertainer, but with a Jumperoo the baby's feet touch the ground and they can bounce a little!


pomny143 - November 10

Thanks for the info and support guys. I don't feel like an idiot anymore. (Except that I am suffering from prego brain and that makes me a little stupid as well!) LOL.


whynotme - November 10

Well, I am by far not the most experienced mother on this forum but am learning everyday the necessaties (sp) of a 6 month old. Before I had her we were the typical first time parents thinking that we needed everything under the sun! And believe me we had it all! I will tell you that when we have another one it will be soooo different. I have learned so much and will just start with the first thing that comes in my head. Well I wish that I wouldn't have purchased so much gender specific stuff (pink stuff) if we intended on having another baby. Best case scenario we have another girl. Worst case scenario we have a boy! Oh geez! Next, not every baby likes the swing. We bought a swing and she didn't like it day one and every other day after that. I even purchased a take along swing which I highly recommend. It's light weight, doesn't take up much space and can be taken anywhere with you. She like that for about a few weeks and that was it. Now for the bouncie seat. We had 2 different ones and not one was a travel one. If you intend on visiting family out of town or going on vacations early on then the travel bouncie seat that folds and has a case is the way to go. Oh and the bumbo seat, I can't recommend enough. Even though it's been recalled it's only user error and not the function of the seat. My daughter was sitting in it from 2 months on and can be your best friend. Hmmm...what else. Can't think of anything else, but I'm sure that I am gonna learn more and more everyday. Good luck with the new baby!



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