I Finally Broke Down And Bought A New One

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Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 17

Amaya has now outgrown (she is 27 inches tall, carseat only allows 26 inches) her precious infant carseat. I went ahead today and ordered the Britax Marathon. I think I am going to be very happy with it. I have seen it in stores but it was a little cheaper online. She will be able to use it until she is 65 lbs. There are alot of prints to choose from (unlike ungirlfriendly graco fabric) I did go ahead and just get the plain microdot fabric though (incase of more children in the future!) If any of you have this carseat, please tell me that it isnt too hard to install!


:o) - November 17

Awww, growing up too quickly!! Don't plan on using that car seat until she 65 lbs though. My daughter's 59 lbs in the 2nd grade and all she uses is a booster seat. There's no way in the world I could get her in a car seat like that. You'll probably only use it until she's about four/five years old. You'll totally get your money's worth out of it!!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 17

Thanks! I have been looking all day at how to install it and am getting kinda nervous. I just know that I am not going to be able to do it right and we will get it in a day or two before thanksgiving, the guy that checks carseats at Childrens Hospital is taking off all next week, but she is too big for her infant carrier! I called the fire department and they dont have a certified person on staff...


New mom - November 17

she is 27 inches?? how old is she??


Steph - November 17

I think that she's 6 months old or so...


to Stephanie - November 17

Some car dealerships also have people certified to inspect carseat installation. See if there are any in your area, not sure where you are from but I know it's offered in larger cities.


Jadyns Mommy - November 17

Not 100% sure about Arkansas but I know in CA you can go to any Highway Patrol sub station and they will install it for you. I had them do 3 already, my car, Jadyns dads car and grandmas car. I wouldnt be surprised if they think I have a crush on them since I keep coming back :-)


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 17

She is 6 months old. I am not sure what a Highway Patrol sub station is, but all we have are Police Stations. I havent called them. We have Arkansas Childrens Hospital and they do monthly inspections, but it will not be until the 2nd Tuesday in December. Her daddy thinks that he will be able to install it without a problem (when he installed her infant base, oh never mind lets not even go there..) I know that I will be able to but it is so cold outside and dh doesnt get home until after dark (leaves before dark) and I cant have Amaya outside in the cold... I will think of something I guess.


Kathryn - November 17

My husband is a Firefighter and has been trained on installing car seats (it was a 24 hour course). You might want to call your local Fire dept. to see if they have certified installers.


Jamie - November 18

Here's a thought...MPs are sometimes trained to do carseat inspections, too...so maybe call a local National Guard or Reserves unit and see if they can look at it for you?


duh - November 18

I'm not trying to sound like a b___h but the seat will come with nstructions and there should also be a section on it in your car's operators manual you should NOT have a problem if you look at the instuctions you should be able to install it easily


Jamie - November 18

To duh - for someone who's "not trying to sound like a b___h" you're sure succeeding...it's NEVER a bad idea to second guess yourself when it comes to your child's safety. My husband and I thought we had our carseat correctly installed, because we followed the directions - when we had it checked out, though, we discovered that the directions had left out certain steps, resulting in an improperly installed carseat.


Toya - November 18

Exactly what I'm talking about...When people post obnoxious things, they always hide behind a different name. Stephanie, you are doing right to get it inspected...Safety comes first! Our hospital did ours...I think the firestation does them too.


belle - November 18

A good thing about a lot of the Britax models is that you can change the seatcovers so you can get a really girly one and then if a boy comes along later you can switch it to a more masculine one. My friend has the yellow floral Laura Ashley cover, it is so cute!


momma - November 18

sounds like the car seat compaines need to make better instuctions for instalation (then wouldnt it be their fault if the seat is installed by their instuctions and the child is injured? weather you get it checked or not?) if you are confident in your own instalation great but if you need that little extra security of getting it check out so be it. to let you nkow i have a cousin that is a first responder and he was on scene where there was a child in a carseat that was too small the child was severly injured. so stephanie please dont go anywhere with your beautiful girl in that infant carrier unless you absoulutly have too id hate to hear about somthing similar good luck with the carseat


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 18

It still has not came in yet, I am still waiting. The firestation does not have any certified technicians onstaff, my uncle is a first responder, and my aunt told me he checks installations but is not certified. I installed Amaya's infant carrier in my car with no problems and even had it checked and everything was fine but I have been looking and with this LATCH system it just seems a little more difficult. I will let you all know how it goes.


Kathryn - November 18

Another thing hubby said about carseats is that if you add anything to them you void all warrenty. I had a noggen nest when Nathan was a newborn and I had to take it out because It was attached to the straps.



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