I Finally Did One Good Change OT And Need Support

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Deirdra - January 26

So my new years resolutins were....1-go on a diet.....2-work on my relationship with josh(which has been 90% better, we still have our tats, but who doesnt?) and 3- get a better job! and i did! I put in an application at a Sally's beauty Supplies, (which is surpsringly next door to my hubbies work) and i got an interview on the spot...i got to talk to the district manager...he is SOOO nice...and then i went home i call a call asking me to start monday...oh im SO excited and scared...and i quit my old job...it didnt go over well and i ended up hangin up on my i should say now exboss b.c he was becoming rude and beligerant and i didnt want o argue with him...so no i got to find a daycare...and i gotta get work cloths (most jobs i work at i have provided uniforms and im so exicted to where my own cloths) ...and about me working next door to DH, we have actually worked at the same job together (while i was pregnant) and we get along great we both toss our junk at the door...so thats not going to be an issue and he is SO happy we are going to be so close...but now im worried about a daycare...how do you pick one? and do they go by your income??


Lisastar9 - January 26

Congradulation on the new job. YeahAs for childcare go with your gut instincts on that one.


lexa - January 27

Congrats to you on your new job! One resolution down (or should we say 2). In regards to daycare....as Lisastar said, go with your gut instincts. The best thing to do is go on recommendations (if you know of anyone who uses daycare). If not, call around to a couple you may be interested in and if you like them on the phone...go in to talk to them in person. Make sure you do an interview with them and view the facility. That way you can see how they interact with the children, how many workers there are to each child etc. As for cost, that depends on the type of agency you choose. In our state (PA), we have agencies that go by income (I beleive you can get state a__sistance to help pay for the cost), but I'm sure that varies state to state. The best thing to do is make a list of criteria you are looking for in a provider for your son and call several of them. Good luck to you!!!


jillianT - January 27

hey dierdra. that is so great. i'm not sure about where you live, but here there are ways of getting discounts on your childcare costs. they are pretty strict though because we are about as broke as you can be but we do not qualify for it, which really sucks because it would cut our childcare cost almost in half...anywhoo... i would just go to google and type childcare a__sistance and then your city and state and see what comes up. as for picking a daycare just make sure you do lots of interviews, insist on seeing the providers certification and only settle for someone who allows you to drop by anytime you want. good luck!!



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