I Finally Got Me A BUMBO

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vonzo - January 19

Hooray!! I finally got one today and OMG i love it already. As soon as we got it home we put Amber in it and she absolutely LOVES it. She was sitting chomping on pooh bear in it quite the thing. I took some pics of her in it and some of her having rice cereal for the first time at dinner time....she's not a great fan :o) If anyone fancies a wee peek i've updated my site vonzo.bebo.com Thanks everyone for telling me what it was called!! xx


sashasmama - January 19

Hahaha, lol, she is sooo cute, I love that face where her eyes are so huge, she looks so surprised!


Steph - January 19

Aww!! What a cutie she is!


firstbabe - January 19

Where did you get it? Anywhere in Canada?


vonzo - January 19

I got it in "babies r us" firstbabe. You can get them in mothercare too so i've been told. If you don't have those stores (sorry haven't a clue what stores you have in Canada) you can get them on ebay.


ash2 - January 19

Glad you like it ! Just remember to keep an eye out around 6 months, she can rear her back and tip over ...:)


piratesmermaid - January 19

Aww! That's great! As far as the solids go, it's the texture that Gretchen first had a problem with, moreso than the flavor. So cute though!


vonzo - January 19

thanks ash2 i'l remember that! She went a bit mad in it earlier on and i thought it was gonna tip but it was pretty sturdy. She got all excited when my hubby came back from the shop, arms and legs were flying everywhere....bless!


lexa - January 19

Aw, she's too cute:-) I need one of these now!!! Congrats!


Lisastar9 - January 19

I have seen then at Babies r us in canada. Also try a speciality store for kids maybe where you live. The chair looks a pudgy as your daughter. Love her cheeks. She loooks really healthy.


18wbabynov - January 19

i was going to get one of these too... did all of you end up paying the 40$ for it, or have you found it cheaper?


vonzo - January 20

LOL lisa, all the pudgyness is in her face. She's not really got a belly at all. You try and b__w a raspberry on it and all you get is a rib in the eye. She's all legs and cheeks :o) 18WBABYNOV: try on ebay, you might get a bargain there. The UK one had them going at only about £5 under what you could buy them from a shop so i thought i'd just get one from a shop instead so i could have it there and then. I don't know about the US site though.


lexa - January 20

Well, just a little tip. On babiesrus.com the chair is $39.99. Prices are the same in the store as they are online. So I checked on Ebay, and they were the same price (some were more once shipping was added). Just thought I'd share that since I was checking on it.


drea - January 20

vonxo...I just got my bumbo last weekend and my lo loves it also, I took some pics as well if anyone wants to take a look pictures.aol.com/galleries/shag1074


drea - January 20

sorry i meant vonzo (still sleepy :-) )


vonzo - January 20

aww drea how cute is she?!?! Her wee expressions remind me of my lo too hehe



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