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Heather F - March 9

I finished dd's sc__pbook for her first year and I am so excited, I have been tirelessly working to have it finished before saturday which is her birthday party and I finally finished it! I just had to share! I Don't have any pics from 2 and under and neither does dh so its important for us to doc_ment our dds babyhood and I am just so excited the first years book is done!! Thanks guys for letting me brag!


LollyM - March 9

yay! congrats =) Hopefully I will do something to dd's baby book too =) It doesn't have much in it! lol


julieB - March 9

I have one with maybe 3 or 4 pictures.. my son will be 1 in a week.. I dont know how I am going to manage.. I will start it on Saturday.


Emily - March 9

Congrats! I am awful at sc___pbooking but I try to do other similar things. I wrote up the story of each of my girls birht and am keeping it up with little stories about them. I put them all in a binder. I also of course have their baby books with their id bracelets and things and I have photo albulms. (need ot finish these….we have a digital and our printer when out so I have to finish Mary's and start Marcy's-I should do one on a cd, but that isn't as fun to look at…..) I alos have a keepsake box I made. Just a shoe box with colored paper wraped on them. I put their pos pregnancy tests in it along with cards form flowers and a few little stuffed animals they got. I put the balloons I got and some dried flowers in it. I also got a gerber spoon for each with the name and date. I put the outfits they came home from the hospital in and the little hats they got. I kept all their cards in their too but was running out of room so I made up a binder for each and put htem in sections like baby, 1st b-day, christmas, halloween, and easter. I also got pro pics taken at 3, 6, 9, 12 mos (as a gift) and I keep all the proofs for each girl in a photo album. ( I continued with 18 mos and 2 years and oplan on doing it every year then….) I have a whole shelf of a book shelf in my room with keepsakes. I have a whole other shelve with binders of geneolgy, our family history. They will get those some day too. I am a nit behind in my little stories and I really need to finish their hphoto albums. I have head wal-mart does prints of digitals over the net, anyone doen this? Wondering if it is worth it…..



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