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Ginny - July 12

I have had to work since my baby was 6 weeks old, and my SIL was keeping her. But she has recently begun having some family issues and had to quit. Daycare is WAY too much (would be more than half my paycheck) - so my husband FINALLY agreed to my quitting this job!!! I have a degree in Education and have been irritated that I wasn't using it, and I wanted to start a home daycare, but my husband was nervous about the transition of going from a guarunteed paycheck to a not-so-guarunteed paycheck. But it's better than losing all that money to a daycare, when I'm qualified to do the job myself. My dh actually said, "If we're going to be broke, it should at least be on our own terms." Haha! I am soooo excited!! My last day is Saturday, and I already have one baby to keep starting Monday! It boosted his confidence in me when he saw that someone jumped at the chance to let me watch her baby. No more pervy men co-workers!!!!! No more packing a diaper bag and taking pumping breaks!! I get to spend all my time with my precious 5 mo-old. I was just too excited to keep it to myself. Thanks for listening!!


Maggie - July 12

Congrats Ginny!! I'm on the other end of the spectrum. I've been home for the past five months, and now I need to find a job. What qualifications would you need for at home daycare?


Petzer - July 12

How wonderful!! I just started back to work today, it's really tough, I wish I could stay home with my ds. It would be wonderful, but not feasible. I have a lot of respect for those that can, and especially those that want to look after other children. My mother keeps trying to get me to do that, but I just can't see myself doing it. I know that I wouldn't be able to give the other children the care they deserve, while doting on my own. Kudos to you!!


SonyaM - July 12

Congratulations. That is so awesome. I had looked into this one time too but decided against it. Good luck.


Heather F - July 12

Congratulations!! I made the same move your maing career wise and its the best!! I ama stay at home mom with a job!


Ginny - July 12

thanks, guys! Maggie, in my state, you only have to be liscenced if you keep over 5 children, including your own. You can check with your state to see what is required, because I'm sure it differs. It's also wise to be infant CPR certified, and to have some experience with children to draw on. To heather - what is it that you do?


Kel - July 12

Congrats, Ginny!! You are so lucky! A friend at work was just telling me that her friend does daycare out of her house and had 4 little ones @ $250 week so it there is a great potential to make some good money! Way to go, enjoy your time with your little one. ITs a great way for them to stay home with you, but at the same time be able to interact with other kids and learn from them. I'm so jealous (as I sit at work with a pile of work to get through, lol)


hmreyna - July 12

Thats awesome! I have a 4 1/2 month old and stay at home with him and would love to make some money watching kids. How do you get people to know you want to watch kids?? DId you ladies post flyers or what?


Ginny - July 12

I actually answered someone else's newspaper add looking for someone to watch their child, but I also plan to put up a flier at the local grocery store, and put an add in the paper. I am also going to register as a provider with Families First, and I wonder if they have a referral system.


kvilendrer - July 12

That's great!!!! A few months ago, i started staying home with my son. He's 8 months old now. But we recently got a new car and some new expenses, so I'm going to be working from home. It's still a good thing though. congrats!!! I'ts so fun!!!


shannan - July 12

Congrats Ginny! Thats awesome that you get to stay at home. I start back to work in one week from today and am dreading it. Unfortunately I have to do it though. Im glad that you and your husband have decided on this. Enjoy your LO!!


Narcissus - July 12

Congratulations!! There is nothing more rewarding than staying home with your child during the first year. We were (still are!) broke too but we know it is temporary and very very worth it.



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