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Ruthie - December 20

I've been trying to br___tfeed my son since he was born, and we've been having problems the whole time. My milk didn't come in soon enough and my son had a really hard time sucking (face squished during birth). We kept trying, but Matt was losing so much weight that his doctor told me he had to be given supplimental formula. So I did that, kept br___tfeeding and pumped all the time. But for some reason or other I just wasn't producing enough milk and Matt was ALWAYS hungry. So I started giving him more and more formula, plus whatever I got from pumping - which was never more than 1 or 2 ounces on a good day. Now he is 6 weeks old, he's FINALLY gaining weight, seems very happy and healthy. But now I'm drying up. After 20 minutes of pumping, I get about a tablespoon of milk. Matt doesn't like to nurse when he's hungry anymore because nothing happens right away. He'll nurse when he's full, but then he just falls asleep. So anyway, I'm very upset because I really wanted to br___tfeed him, but I think maybe it's time to give up. Any suggestions?


mama-beans - December 20

STOP b___stfeeding and START enjoying your son. You have given it a great try, and formula just works for you. There is nothing wrong with that, you just fill that bottle and love your boy.. you don't HAVE to b___stfeed to be a GREAT mom!


Silvie - December 20

Ruthie, I guess you gave it quite a shot and tried to do your very best. Right now you are only getting more and more frustrated b/c you can not provide enough b___st milk no matter what you do. You should not blame yourself, it is not your fault whatsoever. Luckilly Matt is doing great with formula, has no troubles bottlefeeding and is gaining weight. Stressing and struggling to nurse would make the problem even worse in my opinion. You love your son ...and that is most important..so dont feel guilty for starting using formula only.


Jenn... - December 20

If you really want to b___stfeed you still can. Seek the advice of a lactation consultant, they work wonders!!


Ruthie - December 20

I have been going to a lactation consultant, and she actually told me to suppliment with formula because Matt "has a lousy suck" and wasn't getting enough.


Jbear - December 20

You've given him six weeks of b___stmilk already, more than a lot of babies get. Don't feel bad if it just isn't working out for you. I remember my mom having to switch to formula because my baby sister was losing weight...I remember her sobbing for days about it. Don't let it get to you that way. You've already made it a lot longer than I did...I b___stfed three days in the hospital, and my baby was crying constantly and peeing orange crystals because I didn't have any milk. I decided to supplement, but by the time I was home from the hospital I had decided not to b___stfeed at all...for one thing, my husband was really freaked out by the orange crystals in the diaper.


Jenn... - December 20

If you feel like your lactation consultant is not that helpful mabybe see a different one and get a second opinion. If a consultant sees that a baby has a lousy suck they should recommend that you take the baby to an oral therapist. This is a problem that can be solved, if you really want to b___stfeed.


Sin - December 20

What about trying a different b___st pump? I dont know if you are using a manual or electric but the ameda truly yours dual electric pump is really good. It has different cycles for speed and suction. Good luck =)


Ruthie - December 20

Thanks for the advice guys! I do have a dual electric pump, with 5 speeds and 3 suction-settings. No one seems to be able to tell me why I'm not producing enough milk. I suppose it's just not in the cards for me. Its' too bad because I love it...


Shelly - December 20

Ruthie,I had the same problem,at least close to the same.I took "Reglan" and that helped me produce more milk,but I was facing gallbladder surgery and had to throw some of my milk away,so I would not pa__s it on to Jesse.After my surgery I was hurting so bad,I couldn't even pump and I dried up.It took me a little to get over it,but now that I have peace with it I am able to enjoy Jesse even more.And he is doing great on formula,growing like a weed!! LOL At least I gave him a good start.


Eryn - December 20

The exact thing happened to me. My milk became less and less and I would cry everytime I pumped. Finally I said screw it and changed to formula. Think of it this way any milk you gave your baby is better then nothing. You tried and that counts for something. Now have a gla__s of wine or two and relax.


Jamie - December 20

Have you tried a nipple shield to help with his latch? Also, fenugreek and blessed thistle are herbal supplements that help with milk production. Also try to eat oatmeal and drink lots of water. Make sure you're eating enough, and getting plenty of rest - the b___stfeeding momma should increase her calorie intake by about 300 calories per day. But, as the others said - it's not a horrible thing to switch to formula. Oh, another thing, there is a product called Lact-aid...run a search for it on Google...it's a way to supplement with formula while still stimulating your nipples to produce milk...it was designed for women who adopt babies to help them start to lactate.



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