I Got Into A Car Accident With My Baby

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BabyCay - March 6

Yesterday at about 630 pm myself 2 friends and my 14 month old were headed home from a day in town. We had just stopped at timmies to get coffee and then we were headed back out onto the highway. We were only going about 40km/ph but out of no where a horse ran into the road. and we hit it, hard. I wont go into details, but the horse didnt make it. Fortunately every one in the car, including my daughter, for the most part is physically okay. But I now find myself scared, because i now know that she is not safe, i dont know how else to put that. But i have to go into the doctors tomorrow and im afraid to take her out. I know that the chances of anything happening are slim to none, but its just the fact that i now know how precious life is. The officer told us if we had been going any faster the horse would likely have been through the windshield...... i just dont know what to do.. i dont like this feeling...


Jbear - March 6

You had her buckled in, and everyone is okay. I'm sorry you were in an accident, especially one that sounds so gross. Whoever was driving did the right thing...in defensive driving they tell you not to swerve if an animal (of any size) suddenly darts out in front of you, because you're more likely to be hurt if you swerve and lose control of the car. It's normal to be scared, but unless you live somewhere with enough public transportation to get you where you need to go, regardless of the time of day, you can't really afford to be scared. The sooner you drive the easier it will be for you.


mommy716 - March 6

Hunny accidents happen, its not your fault the horse ran out in front of you, if your scared your daughter will be too! the initial shock of being in an accident is still there just give it time to go away! everyone was fine so you have nothing to worry about


tiffani - March 6

Wow, that had to be a terrifying experience. I think Jbear was right on with her advice, as usual. :o)


BabyCay - March 6

thanks guys, i used to come on this site all the time when cay was a little baby (under cherishcayleigh) and i knew i would get good responses from y'all... i feel better today... last night i guess it kinda hit home tho


Ninimartini - March 6

Glad to hear that everyone is doing fine,but wow where are you located to just hit a horse like that?I'am in Cali and where I live horses just don't walk around like that .


jg - March 6

A horse??? Hells bells that would have been scary!!! Glad you are all okay. Don't overly worry about it - I mean how often is it you would expect a HORSE to run out on to a highway??!! That has got to be a once in a lifetime event - just remember that when you next have to drive.


erin - March 6

you will probably feel this way for a little while. it takes time to get over a tramatic experience. it's good to talk about it, but even better to overcome your fear by doing what you fear.


MichelleB - March 8

I was really afraid to drive after my car accident. Its hard to get out of your head, but eventually it wil lget better. I am glad everyone was OK. What part of Canada R U from?


Narcissus - March 8

BabyCay, I can't express how much I understand your feelings. Motherhood comes packaged with a vulnerability that is painful, don't you think? I feel sick when I think about the "what if" possibilites. I had an experience that scared me so deeply, I have not driven my son for one month. Tomorrow is the first day that I plan to drive after my seizure. I had a major seizure that knocked me out. I was fortunate to be home, and sitting on the sofa. The scariest thing for me is to think about how often I would drive and do things with my son during the day. What if we had been driving and the seizure had taken place?? We may not be here today. I sooo know where you are coming from with this. I wish this horrible feeling would go away but I try to think of it as the voice of reason that protects our children from harm.



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