I Got NEW Baby Pics

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Amy_mommy - July 11

hey, i just want to share some of my 3 mths old baby new pictures........anyone can share theirs 'cause i love seeing baby photos.!!!!!!! www.xanga.com/luvlyac


Narcissus - July 11

Look at those cheeks!! She is very precious:) Thanks for sharing! If you want , you can see my chunky lil man at www.ajaesp.piczo.com


jess - July 11

so so cute!!!! lthat lil punkin face........mommy, yer looking great too!!!! narcissus, what a cute lil man, he just looks cuter and cuter!!! such a lil man.....please try my pics am just setting it up............www.wyatt2005.piczo.com


hrsmith - July 11

The pics are absoutely adorable. here is my website, but my hubby hasn't added any lately, he keeps downloading them to snapfish to share with friends because it's quicker. So the latest pics on the page were taken when is was about 7 mo. http://www.reyandholly.moonfruit.com


Bonnie - July 11

Amymommy, she is so beautiful. :) I rememebr your post saying you wanted her bigger, she is just too perfect like she is! :D Gorgeous cheeks..........Jess, your lil man is a cutie as well, I love the hat. That's the first time I saw your site.............Hrsmith, I posted to you on another trhead but I think you missed it. Does your DH do Web sites professionally? Liek Nerdy Girl said...I can do the photos, but God help me on making a Web site! lol.............................I've posted my video a thousand times, so here is my photos http://s37.photobucket.com/albums/e60/BCreevy/ (no dashes)


hrsmith - July 11

Bonnie. No my hubby doesn't, but he is a computer genius. he is an electrical engineer and works for a fiber optic company. i think we have just about every computer gadget there is. you should see our office! anyway, i don't really know how to do any of it, i just leave it up to him. He is my computer geek!!!


Bonnie - July 11

Bah....:( My DH is a major computer geek as well. We have 5 pc's in our house, lol. He's an IT guy but not into Web sites either. :( I was hoping your DH did it for a living.


jess - July 11

hrsmith...love your website! my ds is a Brayden too!


hrsmith - July 11

thanks Jess. I think the name brayden is becoming more popular. when i looked on your website I must not have been paying attention because i didn't even see the name brayden. I just revisited your site to make sure I was on the right one. he is a doll!


jess - July 11

hrsmith.......it is the right one , i just used his middle name for the website..........


Rabbits07 - July 12

All the babies are so cute. Mine is www.thelambertfamily.piczo.com. It's not as dressed up as it was because alot of my graphics broke and I had to go in and delete them and haven't had time to replace them yet. But, my little guy is still cute!


HANNAHs Mom - July 12

What a bunch of cuties! Here's mine.... www.hannahandhersister.piczo.com


RB - July 12

your babies are all soooo cute!!! jess - after a year of talkin' about piczo, yours is up! - and like i said before, he's so friggin' cuuuutttee! you can get the other girls' links from my piczo site at www.rbfamily.piczo.com.


cae - July 13

Beatiful baby Amy_mommy. I just want to squeeze those cheeks!! Cute.


Maggie - July 13

Amy she is GORGEOUS!!!!! You said such wonderful things about her in your postings. I agree with you that you do not understand the amount of love you can have for a child until you have one of your own. Carla is lucky to have a Mommy like you. I made a piczo site of my kids at http:/littletracys.piczo.com/



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