I Had A Break Down Last Night

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jessb - April 1

My husband got home late and I was starving ( he was bringing home dinner) My daughter started her normal 1-2 hours of screaming nonstop. I just couldnt take it, my husband and I were so frustrated with her. She had such a bad day yesterday and was fussy and screaming most of the day. I was just crying as I was feeding her and trying to get her to go to bed. I just didnt understand why she is such and unhappy baby. I try to do everything for her feed, change, burp, comfort, rock, sing.... I felt so discouraged. But she slept pretty well last night and has been in a pretty good mood so far today. My confidence has come back a little. Im sure it will get destroyed tonight when she screams inconsolibly liek usual. If any mommies go through the horrible screaming fits everynight-how do you get through it?


HANNAHs Mom - April 1

Both of my dd's seemed to get fussy around 5-6pm every night in the early months. I would lie down next to them in my bed and hug, kiss, sing, feed etc. and it seemed to comfort them. Perhaps it was b/c I was at such ease and comfortable too....may be worth a try...good luck and I hope things go smoother.


pbj - April 1

Oh I understand more than you know. My dd would go on rants every night at the same time until I realized she was tired. I don't know if this is your situation or not, but try and see if it works...it has started to for me. I can't remeber how old your LO is but, is she somewhere around 2 mths? My dd wants to nap every 1 1/2- 2 hrs and when I started to accept them and be ready for it, she changed alot. Before she would want to nap around 6:00 pm but I wouldn't let her because I felt it was too late, but once I started letting her capnap for about 1/2-1 hour depending on how late it was, she became much more pleasant and believe it or not much easier to put to bed for the night. Look for signs that she's getting sleepy, obvious ones are rubbing eyes, yawning and some pull on their ears. Catching her before she gets overtired can possibly change the crying fits. I don't know if this could be you LO's crying and some do just cry, but keep an eye out and maybe give it a try. Let me know how it goes.


Annette - April 1

WOW... I could swear I wrote the paragraph above if it wasn´t because I have a boy... jessb, I had EXACTLY the same situation 1 week ago, husband arriving late with dinner from HAVING A BEER WITH FRIENDS while I was at home starving and with a colicky supercranky baby. Can I vent? Today I feel like c___p, I am super super tired, my b___sts are super sore from b___stfeeding, I am getting a cold, I have a headache and my son has decided he will spit up on everysingle piece of clothing, both mine and his. Motherhood can be frustrating at times, I work like a "#$# donkey to be a magazine mommy, I swear I wash his clothes and try my best to keep him clean all day, I have spent countless hours boiling bottles and pacifiers and still one day he has diarrhea, the next day is an eye infection, or he smells like spit up if I don´t change him 5 times a day, and let alone how I look. I am lucky if I can take a shower, make up and hairdo? hahaha . And since I still have all this babyweight, that´s STILL maternity clothes for me. Just for the record, I adore my son and husband, and yes it´s all worth it, but it´s still hard to cope. My son can be an angel, he melts me with a smile, I guess it´s just bad days and hormones. jessb, my way to getting through it is thinking that tomorrow will be another day... doesn´t solve any problem, but it´s sooo true. I am glad today you are doing better and enjoy her good moments.


Frances - April 2

My son was exactly like that only he did that on and off all day and all night. I promise you it will get better. I just learned how to force calm, and reminded myself that it wasn't fun for him either, although he wasn't going to sustain any real damage from it. We just "took it one day at a time" if you want to call it that. I don't know what else to tell you. It WILL get better though!!


jessb - April 2

Thanks everyone I cant wait until it gets better. She was okay last night. We were at my parents house and she kept crying when gramma or grampa held her but was ok when me or my husband held her. She is only 2 months. Can she already tell the difference when someone else is holding her??? My mom gets so upset when she gets into on of her crying fits. My mom keeps trying to figure out whats wrong and I try to tell her that she will never figure it out. You can feed, change, burp, cuddle, bounce, swing her and she will still keep crying!!! Then my mom told me to put a little rice cereal in her bottle b/c maybe she was hungry. Well I did that and Alyssa projectile vomitted it all back up right after she had the bottle. (She did that when I first tried formula-i dont know if tis too heavy for her stomach or what) so that didnt go over well at all. Sigh!!! I just wish she would be a happy baby instead of one that cries all the time.


Cheryl - April 2

My two month daughter does that too when she's overstimulated/overtired and when she does that I lay her down and give her a pacifier and stroke her face and remain calm and it usually works and puts her right to sleep. Crying is their only way of communicating and it will get better. It's hard in the early months..


Christy - April 2

Hang in there, jessb. i had a similar post back in December about how I thought my ds hated me. He always seemed so unhappy, but I think a lot of it had to do with is little belly and his inability to sleep. He is not almost 5 months old and he is much happier and more fun to be around. She will "outgrow" this phase soon and you will have much funner baby before you know it. Her brain, digestive system, etc are still maturing. Out of curiosity, was she born early, on time, or late?


Christy - April 2

Correction- my son is NOW 5 months old, not NOT 5 months old. :)


ChristinaO - April 2

Hi! I had a very similar problem. My little one would cry every day at 6:30 pm- nothing would help. I read about colic and he seemed to have the symptoms. I tried Gripe Water (baby's bliss) and his crying stopped in 5 minutes! He hasn't had a crying episode since I have been giving him the Gripe Water! It is all natural (ginger and fennel) and you can buy it at the drug store. Good luck!


Cat - April 4

My son started having fits at night, but eventually they started happening durning the day. They went from short/mild to long/severe. Two difficult months later we learned it was reflux. You might want to check into it, just incase. His pedi (& others I've read) claim colic is actually reflux. Maybe even visit: http://www.infantrefluxdisease.com/forums/


Cat - April 4

jessb, noticed the spit up and vomiting...please look into it. If it is reflux, medicine will help. Good luck.


jessb - April 4

Cat- I have thought that maybe it was reflux and I will ask her doctor about it next week. But I dont understand why it wouldnt bother her during the day only for a few hours at night. She really doesnt spit up that much. The first couple of times we tried formula she did and the first time we tried cereal in her bottle. But normally she doesnt spit up much at all. So sometimes i think its reflux but then sometimes i think that it cant be...


CE - April 4

I have plenty of days like this, actually I had one yesterday. All I wanted to do was cry and cry. When my dh came he took her so I could eat, well I didn't even feel like eating then. Not to mention the throbbing headache I also had. Some days she is so content and an absolute angel. Others she is so fussy I can't seem to put her down. I don't have to deal with that everyday but I can say when she was 7 wks old she started having these fits at night and sometimes would push her bottle away while she was screaming. She never really did it during the day and reflux it was. She is now on Zantac and it has helped us a lot. So check in to it. I think her fussy days are alot more "Normal" now. You feel a WHOLE lot better and more confident when you have GREAT days in between.


Cat - April 4

Reflux is known as a "roller coaster", good and bad days (w or w/o meds). It all depends on when he/she refluxes and how bad he/she does. Some babies are called "happy spitters" and aren't bothered by it and others don't spit up/vomit and are called "silent refluxers". Most babies do have reflux (it's very, very common), but not all have pain from it. They recommend meds when they're bothered by it. When they are, you don't want to let it go....can cause more problems down the road. In fact, now my little guy refuses to eat at times. He's learned eating causes pain. Do you notice her arching her back at all? How does she sleep, not as well as she should? Does she prefer to be held upright? Those are some of the other signs. Hopefully, Bonnie will see this post. She can explain better than I can. Maybe you can ask the girls at the reflux board what they think too? Whatever it is, I hope it gets better. I've been there with my son, it takes sooo much out of you.


Sarahsmommy - April 4

I think with it being about the same time every day it seems more like colic then reflux, I've dealt with both. I would try gripe water for sure, sometimes it's hard to find but if you eitther find the baby bliss or colic calm website they can tell you if there is any in your area. Also have you tried a bath at the fussy times? Sometimes that's relaxing and will help, especially with lavender bath stuff. Also my baby hates being held when she's trying to sleep so maybe try lying her down and lying down next to her so she knows your there, you can also try a swing, a bouncy seat, a car ride, and right now I can't think of anything else off the top of my mind but if you can find colic websites they can give you more helpful suggestions. If she is spitting up a lot I would def. ask the ped about reflux though, it that's what it is and it goes untreated it can cause problems for you little one, and most of the time, it's pretty easy to treat. I wouldn't try the rice cereal in the bottle anymore but that's just my suggestion. Things will be better before you know it, but you can always come here to vent or whatever you need to do. Also one last thing, if you get frustrated it's okay to walk away from your baby, it doesn't make you a bad mom or anything, and it helps to kind of calm yourself down sometimes, I had to do this one day before I may of done something I regreted with my LO.


Cat - April 5

Sarahsmommy, the 'new thinking' is there is no such thing as colic, that it's been reflux all along. That's what several doctors are saying. In fact, I heard in the medical journal there was a quote something like 'any doctor using the term "colic" is a dumb doctor.' Babies can reflux at certain times of the day, so it's very possible that a baby fussing only at a certain time(s) has reflux. My own son has somewhat of a pattern to his reflux fits. I guess they can even do a test to see when/how often a baby refluxes in a day. I wish Bonnie would see this, to throw in her two cents, she has learned a lot about reflux. I would hate for it to be reflux (I think it is) and nothing be done.



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