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Cassie06 - March 11

DS (7 months old) has been acting very weird lately. He has had a fever of 102 off and on and has been holding his head and screaming. He usually sleeps 10-11 hours a night but the past two nights he has been up every hour! I took him to the ER today. We got there at 2 pm and sat there in the waiting area for 4 hours. Then we finally get back to the room by 6 and they take 3 vials of blood out of his finger, one drop at a time. Then they come in and poke around on him every once in a while until 8 pm. Then the dr finally comes in and says "oh, its a virus, just let it run its course. Give him some tylenol every 6 hours." So it took over 6 freaking hours and tons of pain and being couped up on my lap and not being able to play or anything for them to tell me to give him tylenol? WTF!?!? This is so frustrating. I dont understand why hospitals take so long and never end up doing anything more helpful than I could have done at home!


Ca__sie06 - March 11

Not to mention, there were a bunch of babies in the waiting area that had pneumonia and rotovirus and all kinds of other c___p so he will probably end up sicker than he was to start with!


LollyM - March 11

aww, I'm sorry ca__sie! I hate flu season! Just try to make sure he gets lots of rest and increase his fluids. You would think that he wouldn't need to give so much blood to figure out that it was a virus... weird. Anyway, hope he feels better soon!


Steph - March 11

Did they look to see if he had an ear infection? Normally a baby holding their ears/head might be an indication of an ear issue. I'm awfully shocked that they took blood in the first place. If your having trouble getting his temp to go down, I'd suggest giving him Motrin as opposed to the Tylenol. The ibuprofen in the Motrin seems to help way more than the Tylenol and it lasts longer as well. Hope he feels better soon!


ash2 - March 11

Coming from someone who works in the hospital, i feel your pain. On their defense i will say that when there are tons of patients in the ER like that , all of these patients are getting blood work done as well as test like xrays, mri's , catscans......etc...waiting for the results can take FOREVER! ....Sometimes the blood doesnt result for like 2 hours after they drew it and that doesnt count if there are patients in front of them. Also , some nurses like to keep you in the room so they dont have to get another patient in that room right before they go home !! Dang healthcare workers !!


Kara H. - March 11

I avoid ERs at all cost. Unless broken bones, gushing blood, or severe dehydration is involved I refuse to go. We use a "Doc-in-a-box" urgent care place for the unbreakable fevers and such. I have never have spent more than 3 houra there - the usual is about an hour and a half. I would check around and see if you have one in your town or a nearby city. The one I go to is about 40 minutes away, but well worth the drive.



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