I Hate Toys R Us

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monica - December 31

We went tonight to go and get a jumperoo...... While we were waiting for the sales person to bring us our Jumperoo we had just purchased a woman in front of us was compaining about the bouncer she had just bought had pee on it....they had given her a used one. Well when we got home with our Jumperoo it was also an open box and the tray had food stains all over it...errrr!!! well now we have to go tomorrow and exchange. BTW Caleb loves the jumperoo...I was not going to buy it because I thought it was going to be $65 down the drain.....but I let him try it at TRU and he loved it and jump and jump it was so cute so my DH said he didnt care how much it cost.....he saw how happy Caleb was and we had to buy it. Well now he will have to wait half a day to be able to get on a brand new one.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 31

Wow, I can't believe TRU would sell you somehting like that. I'd be pitching a fit and making them take money off my new one. That's just how I do thingsLOL! I am so glad Caleb likes it though. I had a feeling he would!


Narcissus - December 31

That's disgusting. I would raise hell. Some people have no shame, do they?


Kendra - December 31

When we bought our Diaper Genie (we have a Geoffreys which is basically toys r us) we got to the cashier line, and realized it had a piece or wrapping paper taped to the back of the box. We were ok with buying a return, but wanted to check it first, so we opened the box, and sure enough, the whole top to the thing was missing. I think I'll start digging thru garbage and returning anything I find, because they obviously are lazy, and have no actual return policy.


Kendra - December 31

....and I was kidding....about the garbage. I'm a total germ-a-phobe.


Dani aka Kamries mommy - December 31

Kamrie just got a jumperoo yesterday too!!! She absolutly loves it. She looks so tiny sitting in that big ol toy!!!


Beccah - December 31

Ugh.. that's really gross monica. Thanks for the heads up!



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