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jas - June 19

It's been a while since I have done this since my other son is 11 yrs... What do you do with your little one? We have tummy time (like 5 minutes till he either screams or falls asleep), we read books - he is almost 3 months and dosn't nap much during the day. He hates his swing and play pen so just leaving him for a minute is not feesable (his dad is currently on the midnight shift so things during the day has to be quiet). We go for walks - but it's getting boring - for him and me. I live in Japan so there really isn't much to do (on base) and everything off base costs a lot of money which we are watching now that I am not working. I used to be an admin assistant for an airline out here and am used to being busy all the time. Other then housework (which is next to impossible to do with the way my lo won't be by himself for a minute) what else is there you do?


Ang - June 19

I'm not sure what else to offer, I play with my son a lot and put him in his exer-saucer and show him all the toys (but he's almost 6 months). I run around with him in the stroiller until he's laughing up a storm. I hope it work out for you --- not sure what to suggest.


pbj - June 19

Hmmm...that age is kinda tricky. There's just not a whole lot to do right now. In a few months you can offer more toys, maybe the base has a library in which they offer storytime. I wish I had some better suggestions for you, but I've never lived in another country other than the U.S. Maybe some military moms may have some good suggestions for you. I know Jamie is in Germany, maybe she could give you some ideas.


SonyaM - June 19

Sorry I am not any help either, but I sympathize. I have an 8 month old and I still have trouble finding stuff to do "with him". Reading to him is about impossible as he just can't sit still at all and wants to eat the books. I do have a basket of board books that he looks at (i.e. eats) and I try to read those to him but he doesn't seem interested at all. We sing and play peek a boo, but really how many times a day can you do this. I worked when my first baby was little so this part is new to me. Good luck.


LisaB - June 19

My ds has loved books since day one we lay on the floor on our backs and he'll play with my hair while we read. When he was around three months there was a book called Black and White that didn't have any words just black and white shapes he LOVED it I would make up stories so we did alot of that. I would sing silly songs to engage him, take him outside and let him feel the breeze or touch leaves/ gra__s differnet textures. Then try to figure out what to do the rest of the day- its hard at that age. We would walk 2x a day. You may want to try putting him in a sling and doing housework that way ds liked watching what was going on. Hope that helps.


ry - June 19

Hi jas, my lo is 11 weeks and I am a SAHM without a car right now and it is hard. My lo wont let me get anything done around the house, she needs to be entertained constantly. When I do find something to amuse her it only lasts for 5 minutes. She has brainwashed me to the point where when she is quiet for a few minutes and I eat or go to the bathroom, I feel guilty for "ignoring" her. Maybe you can try Baby Einstein videos? Not that I reccomend always putting you lo in front of the tv but once in a while you need a moment. My baby doesnt really watch them but she loves listening to the music. Or I take a nice bath and bring baby in the bathroom with me in her bouncy chair in front of the mirror. That way shes got a change of scenary but can see me and i can see her and she loves the sound of the water running. I know that wont fill your day, but maybe it can be a nice little break for you? Good luck!


melissa g. - June 20

i make sure we have some kind of "outing" each afternoon, otherwise we run out of things to do! she loves to go places in her stroller. when at home, we play on the activity mat / gym, read books, sit in the bouncy chair for awhile, take a couple naps (not long ones tho!) and with eating times, that pretty much takes up the day. she pretty much wants attention most of the time though, if i try to get stuff done around the house, i have about 10 minutes before she gets fussy about it, oh well! i didnt think she would go for looking at books this age (4 months) but she does, especially if they are singing type stories ( we like Baby Beluga!)


melissa g. - June 20

also, when i need to unload the dishwasher etc, i sit her in her stroller for those few minutes and wheel her around the kitchen, she loves it! i was worried about her getting flathead, she likes being wheeled around in her stroller so much, but i also sit her up and talk to her a lot and she tolerates tummy time pretty well, so her head looks good!


Heather F - June 20

my baby is 3 months and we do alot of the same thing everyone else has mentioned but I also wear her in a baby sling so I can get house work done - and i just talk to her about what I am doing, for example : "mommy is putting the blue dih in the dishwasher".....she like the sling and I get more done.


Narcissus - June 20

My son was ready for an exersaucer at 3 months of age. I had to use some blankets to hold him up but he loved the challenge and would spend about an hour a day in it. I had the EvenFlo Smart Steps Exersaucer. It will give you some free time also. I placed a large floor mirror in front of it so he could see himself and become more self aware.


lynnstress - June 20

Hi jas - my boy is 6 months old. My sister tells me that I need to divide my errands and go someplace every day just to get out of the house. Some days that's great, others not so much. There's a park nearby that we walk to. He started using a walker at 4 months and he likes it. It is difficult to get things done. I also sometimes feel guilty if I have to put him in the walker or the car seat so I can clean the bathroom or do the dishes or take a shower. When he's awake, it seems he's eating every 2 hours. Some days it feels like all I do is feed him. We play for as long as he likes in the afternoon. I park him so he can watch me when I work out - he likes to see my painted toenails in the air. Is there a bookstore or library nearby that has story time? Or other moms that you could hook up with? We can talk more on the other thread! :)



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