I Have Another Parenting Pet Peeve

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Tracey - July 28

Recently, I was at a bridal shower and one of my friends was there without her little one. Because she normally has him with her, I inquired where the baby was at today. Her response was, " He's at home, his dad is "babysitting" him". Keep in mind, these guys are married and everything. I can't stand it when the women says the man is "babysitting". It's not babysitting when the man stays at home with the child. It's called Being home with your child, raising your baby, whatever, but not "babysitting". Or I've heard this scenario too...I was in public a while back and there was mom, dad and baby all standing together. Someone asked mom what she was doing the next day and wanted to know if she wanted to have an afternoon shopping trip. The mom looked at dad and said, "would you mind staying home and babysitting so I can go out for once". She had to ask his permission to go out and ASK if he was willing to stay home with the baby...UGGHH! Sorry to rant and rave, but when mom stays home with baby, it's just considered being a parent, but when DAD does it, it's "babysitting". I know not all situations are like this (such as mine, my husband is wonderful), but you see this so often...it's just sad.


lilmum - July 28

i know what you mean. When my son was born my girlfriend had a baby very shortly before me, and if we wanted to go out and told our hubby's, mine would be all, oh ya, have fun sweetie, i have some cash on me, you want it? her's would be like ..Uh can you believe we have to babysit tonight? Even MY husband would give him that sideways look and say "babysit? she's YOUR kid. Babysitting means your giving her back and going home dude, what your doing is called 'fathering'". As far as asking permission, i'm sort of guilty there, but i think that's just more of a consideration my husband and i give eachother, that if one is going to go out you let the other one know and make sure there aren't any conflicting plans, you know?


Katharine - July 28

My mom called the house when the baby was pretty young. I was working and she said to my husband "so you're babysitting". He said, "No, I am caring for my child." Pretty gutsy on his part! She had never mentioned "babysitting" again!


Brittany - July 28

O my, I have never heard of that before but it would annoy the heck outta me if I did hear it everyonce in awhile! Recently, I've just noticed so many different parenting issues with others and myself and people can be so weird. I totally agree with you though...a dad babysitting? it's just wrong and totally not fair to say. I guess it's up to the women who think it's wrong to change it and correct other people. I'm glad my hubby never acts that way, even when hes had a hard day at work. If I ever do hear someone say it, I will definitely correct them!!!


P - July 28

You stole my peeve!! lol I hatehatehate when it's referred to as "babysitting" when the father watches to children. Every time someone says that I say "you can't babysit your own kids". Don't care who it is. lol Usually I get a stupid look like "huh?". Whatever. Dumba__s. lol It also annoys me that everyone a__sumes the mother will change all the diapers and take of the feeding etc. when you are out as a family. You should've seen the faces one Christmas when my sister told my b-i-l that the baby needed changing. He said "you do it" she said "no, you do it", he said "ok rock, paper scissors" and that was how they decided who would change the baby. My sister lost, she sucks.


ITS A - July 29

FIGURE OF SPEECH-lighten up!


P - July 29

It's a figure of speech that perpetuates the '50's mentality. When you say dad is "babysitting" it implies he's doing you this great big favour. He's not, he's parenting. There's a big difference.


Sensing - July 30

some bitterness


ha Ha ha - July 30

I say "I'm babysitting my kids" when people ask me what I'm doing....Hey, its just a comment. I think you are taking too personally. I use the comment and so do my hubby. We have two kids. I never get upset when the comment is made. Figure of speech for moms and dads....Believe me, I take parenting seriously. I love my kids.......keekee



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