I Just Got My Angel Care Monitor

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mosley12 - January 12

and used it last night for the first time and LOVED it...ds is still in our room in his bassinet, but i was constantly rolling over and checking on him...with the monitor i didnt have to cause when i would wake up to do it, i could hear the ticking, and go right back to sleep! i recommend this for everyone! its gonna make putting him in his crib by himself so much easier


ashtynsmom - January 12

How much do those cost?


LisaB - January 12

I love ours although I picked up the neighbors the other day hehe kinda funny- knew it wasn't my ds crying.


LisaB - January 12

They are about 100 if I remember correclty.


Danielle19 - January 12

i payed $65 for mine and have never even opened it,


LisaB - January 12

Danielee sell it on ebay


mosley12 - January 12

they are usually a hundred but i got mine on ebay for 43, and thats including shipping.


lexa - January 13

I'm jealous! I want one now (after reading about them). I have to wait until I get the $ for one though. I too constantly check my daughter, and am having a very hard time transitioning her to her own room:-( I'm sure she'll be out of her ba__sinet soon. Congrats to you! It'll put you at ease now:-)


HannahBaby - January 13

For 100$ you could have bought a camera monitor. I bought one when my daughter was 9 months and THAT was the best 100 bucks i could have ever spend. Not only did i know that she was ok. I saw her every move. I knew when she was awake, when she was asleep....and when she was trying to take her diaper off in the wee early hours of the morning. Mine somehow broke (i think hubby broke it, not that he would admit it) but i will for sure be buying one when its time for my son to go in his crib. Im glad that you are happy with your angel care monitor.


shelly - January 13

thats great mosley,peace of mind and u will be able to sleep better now.


mosley12 - January 13

we thought about a camera monitor but i like this cause if im dead asleep and for some reason cayden stops breathing, it will alarm us. a camera monitor wont. i'll be getting one of those when he's older for sure though


meg - January 13

Mine was only $40! Got it from a store called Meijers for those of you who have them around. I also LOVE this monitor!


K - January 13

We have the angelcare monitor and a video camera monitor. I love the angelcare. With the angelcare, I know she is breathing. We never use the video monitor. It puts too bright a light out for us to sleep, and I'm tempted to just watch dd constantly. Plus, with it, I was still scared that she would stop sleeping while I was asleep. With the angelcare, I knew an alarm would go off to wake me up if anything happened.


Jennifer28 - January 14

My mil bought our angelcare monitor and it is the greatest gift we received. I don't think I could sleep or get anything done around the house w/o it. I must admit I do still check in on her quite a bit so I couldn't imagine how much I would do it w/o the angelcare, lol.


K - January 14

Oops-meant stop breathing, not stop sleeping. You can set it with or without the ticking. We don't use the ticking, it would drive dh nuts.



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