I Just Had A Scare

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Jamie - January 3

I put Renity down for a nap; about 30 minutes later, I heard her wake up, but she was just cooing and babbling to herself, so I left her in the crib, thinking she might put herself back to sleep. She'd been talking to herself quite happily for about 10 minutes when she started to shriek at the top of her lungs, like she was in serious pain - so I ran and got her, and she wouldn't stop shrieking - I changed her diaper, checked her gums, checked her all over for a spider bite or some explanation for the shrieking, and couldn't find anything wrong; after maybe 20 or 30 minutes of ear-piercing shrieks, I was about to call DH to come get us and take us to the hospital - and then it happened. A belch out one end and a fart out the other, both louder than anything I'd ever heard before - and she's been fine since. Honestly, though, it never even occurred to me that it might have been gas pains, cause she's never been a gassy baby. I'm just glad that's all it was, cause I was starting to get scared!


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 3

OMG! I would have been having a heart attack too! But my little guy is dramatic, so I'll never know if its gas or if something is truly wrong with him. Poor little thing! Glad she is okay.


CEM - January 3

Scary, Jamie!... Glad she's alright. It's so freaky when they shriek like that! It would be so much easier if they could just tell us what was wrong!


haha - January 4

hahahahahah OMG!! that was funny.. of course it's funny now.. but i'm sure it wasn't when it happened


jodie - January 4

It's funny that you say that because tonight I layed Nick into his bed and I could here him making his cute little baby noises...then he screamed to...I went in there and he had projectile vomited all over his face! It was so sad because he was looking at me with big sad eyes and white chunks all over his little face....poor guy. He was fine once I got him all cleaned up...but he sure screamed bloody murder! Babies are funny!


jg - January 4

Oh you poor thing. The biggest scare I have had is in the middle of the night i heard this THUMP, THUMP, THUMP. I had no idea what it was so I went in to check Elijah and it took me a couple of seconds to focus - he had his blanket right over his face and couldn't get it off, and was thumping his feet on the mattress! I absolutely panicked and tore it off him and he gave me the biggest grin! I burst into tears and hugged him and put normal bed sheets on his bed so I could tuck them right down and around the mattress. No more sleep for me that night!! Hopefully your baby will emit her gas more regularly to avoid more screaming sessions. If only we could control these things......hahaha


Dawn C - January 4

WOW! Its hard to believe something that loud can come out of these lil ones but I know what you mean!!!!!!!


monica - January 4

Glad she is alright....and that its only gas. Caleb does the same thing ....its scary....but he too is very dramatic.



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