I Just Have To Ask Sorry If TMI

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aggie03 - March 8

ok here goes....Im going to try to use the most choice words possible....after delievery did you feel like you came 'back together' differntly? I mean duh right? but seriously mainly going to the bathroom is very, very differnt...and it drives me crazy, like its harder to read my own body....Im only 11wks pp so tell me things go back to normal?!


aggie03 - March 8

so I dont seem like a weirdo...I ask bc I was thinking of saying something to my doc...


sahmof3 - March 8

I had c-sections, so if you had a v____al delivery I don't know if this will be the same... but after delivering I would pee myself. It was like as soon as I realized I had to pee it was an EMERGENCY... and if I had to lean over... forget it... I was peeing. It lasted a few months and then got better. It took over a year with my 3rd baby, but he was huge and I think he did me in lol.


Elle - March 8

Not weird at all! Everything shifts around after delivery and it takes a little while to fall back into place. Do you mean going #1 or #2 though? Seems like I had more problems with #1 but it's much better now. And congratulations on your baby!


Heather F - March 9

not weird at all, it took at least 6 months for me to feel back to normal with everything down there in regards to going to the bathroom and even longer with regards to s_x. Its going to be a while, I think mine to longer because I was nurseing so if you are bottleing feeding it might be a little shorter then me, but to be "not right" at 11wks pp is completley normal!


LollyM - March 9

Congats on the baby =) I remember peeing being kind of painful and feeling forceful for a long time. It gradually fades though. I am 7 months pp now =)


LollyM - March 9

ps, we all ask pretty gross Qs on here from time to time, and this wasn't a bad one =) You aren't a weirdo by far!


MM - March 9

I don't think that's weird at all. I had a c-section (emergency & I was extremely nervous about it) & afterwards I felt strange. I think just because my body wasn't functioning the way it always had before & that made me nervous. But you will start to feel more like your old self again soon.


Jennifer28 - March 9

I am 14 wks pp and just now feeling a bit more normal - and I had a c-section. For weeks I felt as if I never had to pee and I was nursing so I was drinking a ton of water. And #2? Forget it. It was very few and far between, lol. Like I said, things are FINALLY getting back to 'normal' for me although I think I still have a ways to go. ;)


Renee924 - March 9

If you're talking about peeing... I did really well the last few days and weeks of pregnancy but for some reason after delivery I had an awful time holding it. It's like as soon as I needed to go, I had to go immediatly. They say it's because the stress of delivery on your pelvic floor muscles. I also went through a period of diarrhea (sorry, I know TMI) followed by constipation (which I never ever had before). As far as pp s_x goes, I was concerned because after tearing I didn't feel like I was healing normally but apparenly I was. We started again at 6 weeks and it's been 9 now and we've had no problems other than some dryness once.


luviduvi - March 9

Well...I had what my doc said 872 st_tches w/ first lo! Hah, my a__s still isn't the same! But, has gotten better but even two years later and I still have a tender spot there when I wear certain underwear, but hey, what can you expect when your b___t gets st_tched back up. You will start to feel better, or, you will just get used to how you feel. With my second...I only had 2 st_tches


aggie03 - March 9

so yeah, i mean #2...and its like a "falling out" feeling...I dont know how else to describe it ...I had a v delivery and no stiches so I guess I just did expect to feel differnt...well at least Im not alone!


Keli - March 9

well, I had a c section, and yesterday I jumped on the trampoline... and lets just say, I had to change my undies. my baby is 8 mos old. I am only 34 yrs old, I should be albe to jump on the trampoline with my older son.


vanja10 - March 9

I don't know if i'm the only one, but my boy is 1 week and i have no pain whatsoever.. it hurt to pee the first day and my first bowel movement, but now i'm ok.. I didn't tear at all and i have very light bleeding. I'm not quite sure about s_x as I have to wait the 6 week check up


lexa - March 9

Things do go back to normal....they just take some time. My dd was facing the wrong way so she was pushing on my rectum the entire labor/delivery. Well, needless to say, I had many problems with bathroom issues and it still wasn't right when I had my pp checkup. She was going to send me to a specialist (yeah right), but it finally came together okay and my dd is 5 months old now. So you'll get there. Good luck


LollyM - March 10

I would have loved for my #2 to just fall out! lmao! I was really constipated after delivery =/ I think that both are normal though, because everything gets so moved around in your abdomen. I still feel things adjusting form time to time, but I don't really have any pain now... other than hemorrhoids!



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