I Just Need To Vent Mommies

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Sassy - April 21

My MIL is driving me crazy...I know this topic has been posted all over this forum but I'm a first time mom and my ds is 2 months old now...and the only thing I keep hearing is how I'm doing everything wrong!!!!! He has cradle cap because I don't know how to bath him or because I'm not scrubbing him down enough...he won't sleep thru the night because I co-sleep (only when I can't get him to stay down in his crib). I'm spoiling him by holding him too much, I'm promoting obesity because I feed him when he cries....GIRLS...WTF?????? How freaking often do you think she holds this child when she has him??? I could go on and on and on....I'm just so frustrated right now....she keeps spouting her infinite wisdom to us (which my husband just says to ignore) but it's so hard to do....and it p___ses me off....but this is her first and only grandchild and I do love her dearly...I just need to vent and to know how you've handled this situation!!


jensenc - April 21

if there was an award for letting it go, i think all new mommies would win it because that is literally all that works. if we toook all the unneeded advise from family members, we wouldnt be able to see straight but unfortunately, they dont realize that and think they are "helping". just politely say thanks for the advise and continue doing what you know is best for your baby.


pbj - April 21

Sounds like you're doing just what you should. When babies cry it sometimes means thery're hungry...if your LO isn't hungry he/she will usually refuse it. Babies get cradle cap, it has nothing to do with the way you wash his head. I am a hairdresser, believe me...you can't apply pressure to their scalp, besides cradle cap is no big deal. Just apply a little A & D ointment on a soft toothbrush and gently rub... the greasiness from the A & D will come out when you shampoo. If you're nursing it's easier to co-sleep and actually the opposite is true, usually babies who co-sleep sleep better. (I don't co-sleep either) My dd didn't sleep through the night until she was 10 weeks old...and really from what I hear from other moms that's early. I would tell your MIL that your pediatrician said your LO is doing great. That's what I do when my MIL starts to spout her infinate wisdom...and I understand I love my MIL very much too. a__sure your MIL that your doctor as well as many other doctors say that there is no such thing as spoiling a baby, he needs all the love and care you can give.


meme - April 21

I'm 40 weeks preggo, and already anticipating both of my in-laws to stick their two-cents in on everything. Even though they've insisted they're not the meddling-type, I've lived with them (yes, can you believe it?, but luckily they're on the road most of the time) for the past eight months, & I have quite a bit of direct experience with their meddling. I've put up with it, however... when it comes to my child, I will not stand for it. No way, no how. You and I and all these other moms before & after us are the authority on how to raise our own children. Period.


krnj - April 21

Boy can I relate Sa__sy! My mil used to be a pediatric nurse and thinks she knows everything! I love her very much but at times she can be a bit hard to handle. I usually yes her to death and then do what I want anyway.



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