I Just Realized

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JEN - May 25

that I am a MOM!!!! This might sound totally crazy since my baby is nearly 6 months old, but it was just like one of those things that hits you like a ton of bricks. My ds was a kinda difficult baby- he had colic, reflux and a problem with the lactose in my br___tmilk, so up until now my focus has been on keeping him safe and just not crying. But for some reason today I just realized that he is the most amazing person, and I want to be with him all the time! I am a new SAHM as my job ended May 1, so maybe that has something to do with it. I just looked at him today as he played with his toys on his blanket and thought, wow- I am his MOM!!!!! He is my son, and it is like we are the best of friends. His personality has really developed over the last few weeks and we just kinda "hang out" all day. I feel like I woke up from a dream where I was nothing more than a caregiver, and now he knows who I am and totally appretiates me. I feel so blessed!!!!! Some may think this is stupid, but I just had to share these feelings. I truely hope everyone else gets to go through this experience...it is amazing!


JAI - May 25

Stupid??? Absolutely not. Your a "PROUD MOM" and you should be. My son Jordan is going to be 7 months old this weekend, and I am like wow....he really is mine, all mine, and how lucky can I be. I feel so blessed and share such a special wonderful bond with him, words cannot even explain it. So I know exactly how your feeling. And good for you!!!


YC - May 25

I think JAI is right...your post isn't stupid at all. My daughter sounds like your son...reflux, milk allergy and COLIC. I had a rough pregnancy so I have felt blessed since I had her though some days are more challenging than others. Sometimes I will just look over at her and get all the same feelings you described. It is amazing. I love her little personality. And is there any sound in the world that is better than your little one doing a deep belly laugh. It's priceless!!!


HannahBaby - May 25

I have been a SAHM since the day my daughter was born and i still have those moments!! She will be playing and then just look and me and it will just smack me in the face that "hey you have this little person who loves your more than life itself, you are so blessed!!" My daughter has recently become so mobile that watching her walk around the house just amazes me, she amazes me everyday and im excited to bring another baby into the world in 20 weeks. Being a mother is the best thing in the world


RB - May 25

not stupid at all! i had the same moment a couple weeks ago when i was making dinner and resorted to the ol' Tupperware drawer to entertain my son - it was at that moment i realized - holy c___p! i'm a mom to this wonderful, crazy, nutty, beautiful human being!!! i'm so glad you posted this because it really is the best feeling! i've started calling him my little side kick because he's with me 24/7 and i love it! good for you!


Rabbits07 - May 26

It is so wonderful to be a mom! I don't care what anyone says, there is no job in this world as important as being a mother. I have people make comments to me alot because we have six children, but it doesn't matter because I know what a blessing they are. And no matter how many children you have the love you feel for each one is just as strong and great as the first. When ds is crying and stops as soon as he hears my voice or feels my touch it dawns on me just how much he trusts me and relies on me for everything that he needs. He is my son and I am his mother and there is nothing more special than that. I love him so much that sometimes it is overwhelming!


Ginny - May 26

JEN, you said it perfectly! I have stopped trying to help my non-mom friends understand, because they think they have "lost" me to motherhood - and I've never been happier! This morning my sister-in-law gave me a "mommy" bracelet, that has my baby's birthstone on it. Before, I would have thought that getting a "mother" related present for my birthday would be lame, but I love it! I've already showed it to everyone I work with.


Sophia - May 26

Wow! JEN, I was writing these same things in my journal yesterday! It is the most wonderful feeling, being a mom. I think it is the point in my life that I'm genuinely needed and trusted! Not even my husband would ever need me as much my daughter needs me. In fact, all I write now in my journal is about my daughter (and i've been writing since junior high); amazing!


ry - May 26

I agree with you completely Jen! It is so amazing, isnt it?


angie m - May 26

JEN you are not crazy at all. I have three kids the oldest is 5 and sometimes I still get that WOW I am his mom feeling. He will look at me like I am just the most wonderful person in the world. Like I know the answer to ever question and can make everything all better. Some times I feel like I can't posibly be as great as he thinks I am but have to try to be so I don't disapoint him. So you will get these feelings you are haveing for the rest of your life. Isn't it great. Take care.



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