I Just Want To Crawl In A Hole And Die

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Deirdra - March 9

Im just so depressed...we baught a second car...that we couldnt even drive..b/c it has been in an out of shops..and the one day my DH goes to drive it it dies...(we are working on sueing the dealership) anywho...then my other car breaks and we hgave to spend money we dont have ont it..(now we are in thw whole almost 1000 bucks this month) and now we have to pay rent....HAHAHAH! I lost my apartment we have until the end of next month to get out!!! i just dont know...they want us to pay rent until then but find a place? how can we svae? what am i supposed to do about Trent? Im so scared and tired and confused and worried and angry and i dont know!!!!im sobbing like a baby right now...i can breathe i cant think...i want to die! everything is going so wrong...josh is losing his job im about to quit mine (i know i loed it but there is WAY to much highschool drama)...i am so OMG! i wanna just go in a carner forever...


BriannasMummy - March 9

Aww honey.. thats a lot for any person's plate. Sounds like youre in a crazy rough time in your life.. but always remember that things will get better.. in a couple of weeks things will be prettier and this will only be a memory. Perhaps instead of paying rent you could let the owners take your damage deposit as the last months rent?? I dont even know if that exists where you are..(it does here). Perhaps you could hold onto your job just long enough for Josh to be able to find a new job? Just try to breath! Remember you can only handle what you can.. worrying about it .. just isnt going to help you at all.. it wont change anything.. just work through one thing at a time.. itll all come together with time. I totally sympathize with you.. if you ever need to talk.. youve got me on msn! ~Kristin~


luviduvi - March 9

First off, you really need to relax. I know things are bad now but with good resources, you can make it through. Do you have a Western Egyptian in your area? You can go to any court house and they should have some kind of place for resources to find out if there is. It may be under a different name. Also, go to your church and they can also provide you with resources for emergency services. Have you ever heard of TANF? It "Temporary a__sistance for Needy Families" They too can help and you can apply for TANF through the Department of Human Services (Public Aide). I mentioned Western Egyptian, again, could be under a different name, b/c they can a__sist with car repair money if they have the money. If they don't they too can provide resources on where you can go. You can also apply for housing through your counties public housing authority, or it may just be section 8. Deirdra, I use to do this for a living, (helping in these situations) and you can get through it. Why are the two of you losing your jobs? In the court house they should have a department called the "Employment and Training" office. That would also be a great place to start. They can offer things like tuition monies along with job search. Good luck and hang in there. let me know how things are going or if you have any questions.


Lisastar9 - March 9

Wow luviduvi tiy gave great advice,maybe wic can send you in the right direction for support too. Hope you are ok. HUGS.


AshleyB - March 9

I believe that everything happens for a reason, you're either supposed to learn something from this time, or grow from it or just become a much stronger person, something, if you look into every situation there is a silver lining. I know its terribly hard, though. I hope things get better for you. Just take a deep breath and try to take it day by day and know that somehow, some way things always work out. Good luck. Btw-- how was trent's breathing thing going, what did the hospital say, last I read you thought he'd be admitted?


lexa - March 9

Aw Deirdra...you poor girl. It seems like when it rains it pours for you! Things may seem really bad right now, but it can get better. If you are feeling you are at rock bottom, just keep in mind that there is no where else to go but UP! It will all work out in the end. Is there any type of deal you can work with the landlord? Luviduvi gave really great advice on how to get help. Follow that and make some calls! Whatever you do, don't quit your job until Josh has one, or you have another one lined up. Not having any income coming in won't make you feel any better. As for the second car you bought...check into the lemon law on it. (1800lemonlaw) Take one step at a time and work on one problem at a time. You will just overwhelm yourself trying to fix all of these things at one time. Work on the most important issue first then go from there. You will make it. Good luck to you!!!!


AshleyB - March 9

Oh, sorry, I just saw your other thread about Trent.


julie316 - March 10

I will pray for you and your family, that you will make it through.. It will be trying for a while but you will overcome it.. Get the help from the state that you deserve.


LollyM - March 10

Aww, hang in there! things usually have a way of working themselves out. try to relax a and then formulate a plan. i feel for you! Do you have family that will loan you some money?


Deirdra - March 10

Thanks ladies...im sorry i was FREAKING out...lol...it was just after everything happened and i just dont know...im still really upset but moving along..im jsut so worried about what i am going to do...


mosley12 - March 10

even if you hate your job, maybe you should stay with it til you have another lined up?? i hope everything works out!


KLC - March 10

Oh sweetie I will say a prayer that this all gets better for you. I know how corny this sounds but my grandmother was a very wise lady who had two very good sayings. 1) God never closes one door without opening another and 2) Things can only get better if you put it in Gods hands. I know it feels like its all crashing down on you now but I promise it will get better and you always have us for support :)


Kara H. - March 11

Maybe this is Fate's way of telling you that you need a change. I can't remember, but don't you guys live in a different city than your families? I move closer to them would certainly give you more support to draw on, which could be benefitial in case you need someone to watch your lo since you may need to work more hours for a while. I could certainly look into emergency housing. I'm sure you would qualify if you are the only family member working. We have taken several HUGE financial hits in the almost nine years we have been married. We have always found a way and almost always ended up better off in the long run. Don't get me wrong, it didn't fall into our laps. We had to scour careerbuilder's website and network like crazy, but if you look hard enough a door will open for you. Good luck!


Kara H. - March 11

I meant "I would certainly look into emergency housing..." My hand are cold and I can't type!



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