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flower.momma - January 13

To anyone who has a fussy baby with tummy troubles, try gripe water. It is AMAZING. My son has been so fussy lately. After eating he will ball his fists kick his legs and cry. I can tell it is a pain cry. He gulps air during nursing, and seems to have a sensitive tummy. During these episodes his breath will have a "cheesy" smell to it, rather than the sweet smell it usually has. He does not spit up often, but has earned the nickname "tooty McGee." I tried mylicon, and it worked ok, but didn't make much of a difference. Gripe water was recommended to me by a friend, but I didn't want to waste my money on an old-wives tale. Well, hubby and I were shopping at an Indian foods store today and I saw a bottle there. I decided to give it a try and I am so glad that I did!!!!! He was crying and writhing in pain. I gave him 5 ml, and 30 seconds later I could see his whole body relax, his crying quieted, and about a minute after the dose, he was SMILING!!!! I feel like I can actually spend time getting to know him, rather than comforting him and watching him be in so much pain. TRY IT!!!! If you can't find it in stores, order it off the internet, it is a miracle, watching the change in him. Form now on I am going to buy a bottle for every pregnant woman I know. I am so happy that my little man is happy!


Alison - January 13

Yay I am so pleased the gripe water is working so well for you! I get mine in Asda Walmart BTW incase you need other places to get it :-) Again great news that your DS is feeling much better YAY! :-)


bbelmore - January 13

I loved gripe water when James was still small and having tummy troubles...just make sure you buy the alcohol free kind ( yes, the make gripe water with alcohol in it, and they sell it everywhere) It is really just "TUMS" for babies, but it really can work wonders.


Rhiannon - January 13

It also has a wonderful licoricy minty smell, which I like. But have you tried it? I try all of my babies medication before I use them. It numbs your mouth, it's crazy. But it works. And it is also supposed to be good for teething.


Kara H. - January 13

I have always sworn by peppermint for a stomach ache. It relaxes the muscle at the bottom of the stomach so it the contents can move into the intestines. It works wonders for nausea. I always keep a couple of peppermints around the house and in desk at work. Pepperment gum works good too. So it makes since that if the gripe water has peppermint in it that it would be soothing to a baby's tummy.


jenrodel - January 13

I agree! Cooper gets such a sore ga__sy tummy some days (a lot actually) and I can tell it causes him so much pain and is distracting when he tries to eat. We had been using Ovol, which was expensive and didn't really seem to have much of an effect... people had told me about gripe water, but for some reason I never bothered with it until a few weeks ago... it works amazingly! Like flower.momma said I give it to him and rock him and within minutes he calms right down... I can actually hear all of these grumbles in his tummy while it works its magic lol... it is also really inexpensive which is always good!


Bonnie - January 13

It didn't work for Mason, but then again, he was a whole different ball game. I am so happy to hear you found something that helps! Woohoo


Alison - January 14

How weird the kind I get doesn't smell of liquorice or mint but of Dill which it says soothes the tummy? This is the kind I buy - h t t p : / / w w w . expresschemist.co.uk/product_2120_woodward-s-gripe-water-150ml.html from Asda Walmart supermarket (UK) :-) p.s I added in some spaces in link so I could post it xxx


AshleyB - January 14

Do you guys give it directly, or put it in their bottle? I just bought some, and am not noticing any improvement. My ds is 5wks and very ga__sy and constipated, and just miserable. We just switched him to soy this past monday, and I just don't know what to do for him. I've tried the sugar water and the apple juice mix for his constipation and I've used the gripe water these last 2 days in his formula, but he's still miserable- grunting, crying tightening up his stomach and just plain miserable. Any suggestions? I don't know how long I should keep him on this formula or try something else. We just switched him so the similac isomil because he was super fussy and ga__sy, and it's been almost a week on the soy and he's still ga__sy and fussy, so I'm open to suggestions?


mandee25 - January 14

I use the Equate brand at Walmart and it works great although some of it ends up running down his little chin. He makes a face taking it but gets some in his tummy. I agree completely. It works awesome! I use Oval Drops once in a while too and you can even put these in their bottles.



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