I Know I Am A Worrywart But

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ry - May 9

hi all, my almost 6 week old has yet to smile a real smile or track objects. also when i talk or sing to her or put toys in front of her close enough so she can see she may look for a moment or two then she stares off in the distance. it really worries me, everyone says i am crazy she is just a baby but i feel like she should be able to concentrate a littl emore when something is right in front of her but she acts like she doesnt even see it sometimes. Is this normal or do you think i should be concerned?


ry - May 9

wow, right after i wrote this i was shaking her rattle for her and she did follow it for the first time! maybe i do worry way too much.....


Jmom - May 9

I was just going to say- don't worry, my ds was the same way. He's now 8 weeks and looks at objects and smiles real smiles. He started at 7 weeks. My dh was worried as well :)


Rabbits07 - May 9

My ds is the same age and while he tracks objects (sometimes) he hasn't yet smiled his first real smile...though to hear dh tell it he does smile real smiles and he smiles at him all the time;-)


JJ5235 - May 9

My ds will be 7 weeks old tomorrow and has been smiling real smiles since 5 weeks. I took him to get his pictures taken and he smiled in every picture which was the cutest thing I have ever seen. All babies develop at different times and you have nothing to worry about.


krnj - May 9

My ds is 9 weeks and gave a real smile at about 7 weeks. I say to him when he's going to get a bath, "who's the naked boy" and he cracks up! I was worried about that too!


luvmyboys - May 9

Every baby really is different. My first son was early and he didn't really smile until 8 weeks. My second son was a week late and he smiled far sooner, at around a month. My third was two weeks late and he's smiling even earlier, by 3 weeks.


kimberley - May 11

I was just looking at a milestone page for other reasons, and it had the smile one...here is the link, it was very helpful...remember to remove any dashes tho the commas are meant to be in there parenting.ivillage.com/baby/bdevelopment/0,,42cn,00.html



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