I Know I Shouldn T Worry But

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ssmith - January 31

Does anyone have a 9 month old that still isn't 20lbs? I just took dd for her 9 month Well-Baby appointment, and she was only 19lbs. I mean, I know that's okay.....but aren't babies supposed to double their birth weigh tby 6 months? She was 9 lb 4 oz at birth. I guess I just thought she's be a bit heavier by now. Just wondering!! According to his chart, she's over 100 % in the percentile chart for height. She will be a tall bean pole like me!


sahmof3 - January 31

My son was born at 9 lbs. 5 oz. and he was 19 lbs. at his 9 month check up. He hadn't doubled his weight at 6 months either... he was only 16 lbs. 2 oz. at 6 months. Generally they say they should triple at a year, but many big babies (at birth) aren't going to be 27 lbs. at a year. In fact, he didn't reach 27 lbs. until age 3. He was tall and skinny, too. Heck, my 18 month old weighed 10 lbs. 6 oz. at birth and just now hit 28 lbs. ;-) I think your dd's perfect!


LisaB - January 31

My ds is 14.5 months and is 20.5 lbs. At this year he was 8% for weight 38% for height his doctor wasn't worried. Your dd is tall and skinny and if your a bean pole it makes sense that she would be as well.


ssmith - January 31

Yeah.....I am a bit neurotic (1st time Mom) when it comes to weight. Both my DH & I were big, chunky babies....so I figured that my DD would be too. She started off the first few months as a big chub....but has consistently "thinned" out since she was about 5 months old. She's got big cheeks though LOL I know she's healthy.....but I LOVE big chubby, fat babies. Thanks for the responses ladies.


sahmof3 - January 31

lol... I am short and heavy, but my oldest, like I said... is tall and thin... like his dad. My ped was more concerned than I was because he was looking at me and looking at my son getting tall, but dropping down through the weight %s like crazy... brought my DH for an appt. and ped was no longer as concerned when he saw that he did indeed actually take after ONE parent lol.


BriannasMummy - January 31

Try not to worry. When my 4 year old was that old, she was tiny. She was born weighing 9lbs 1.5oz. At her 1 year old check up she weighed only 17lbs. She is a very tall girl, yet skinny skinny skinny. She is usually at the top of the charts for her height, and a lot of the time she doesnt even make it onto the charts with her weight. She didnt triple her weight until she was 3 and a half. Things will be fine! ~Kristin~


Rabbits07 - January 31

Mason was over 8 lbs. at birth and just barely doubled his birth weight at nine months...at his weight check last Friday he was only 17 lb. 5 oz. (he's now 10 months) He's only in the 5th percentile for weight and not even chartable on his height. The dr. was concerned because he had dropped so far off of the charts so drastically (he started at 50% in both height and weight and was steady with that thru 4 months). His dr. put him on a higher calorie diet and he's been gaining better since. I guess some babies just have a higher metabolism than other babies. I was worried at first but now realize that Mason is perfectly healthy and small. We are still doing the high calorie diet to try to get him above the 10th percentile. I am small, but dh is tall.....I hope Mason doesn't take after me. Short guys don't have it easy in school :-(


jilly01 - January 31

My DD is going to be a year next month and still isn't 19 lbs...she is barely 17!! She's an little thing and happy!!!



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