I Know This Is Disgusting But I Have To Ask

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julieB - March 9

a couple of weeks ago I went with a friend to pick up a puppy.. a week ago I suspect I may have ringworm... Yuck,, I know.. My question is how can I get rid of it.. I have taken precautions.. I bought antifungal cream and have been applying 2-3 times a day.. I am so scared my son will get it.. He has an appt. on Monday the 19th.. I will be going in to the dr. tomorrow.. I have to admit that I am extremely embarrased about it.. .. This is very new to me.. I want to be able to do something at home so my family will not contract it.. I have been taking baths with my son weeks ago and I have stopped.. I am scared he may have it and not show symptoms yet.. Anything helps.. Please dont get grossed out... Thanks..


LollyM - March 9

I'm sorry I have no advice or experience with this kind of thing, but hopefully this will bump your post up a little =) Have you researched it?


aurorabunny - March 9

Hey Julie, it's nothing to be embarra__sed about. I do animal rescue so needless to say, we have all had ringworms. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone that didn't at least have them once as a child---kids get them from petting animals, playing in the sandbox, etc. From what my pediatrician told me, the antifungal cream should nip everything in the bud; worst case scenario would be that your son had a long standing case that has gone undiagnosed (which obviously isn't the case) and then he would have to go on antibiotics. You should all be fine and it really isn't a big deal, although I know it is kind of icky. Good luck! =)


julieB - March 9

I have but every little bit of info helps.. I have never known about ringworm before.. someone suggested it to me, that I may have it.. after looking it up I am sure that is what it is.. I bathe every day and now I have to convert to showering.. I cant take a bath with my lo... that is sad.. thank you so much


julieB - March 9

Thank you ... the problem is that I never knew what ringworm was so when I seen one spot I never thought nothing of it.. now I have it on both my arms and legs.. It spread like weeds.. I bathe and I think that is how it happened.. because it is random.. 3 spots on one arm, 5 spots on my leg, 2 spots on my other arm , , you get my drift.. All over pretty much.. I take my shower and I am scared to even dry myself because I fear I am just spreading it more.. I am completely parahnoid.. Thank you.. I see 2 spots on my sons face.. I am hoping and praying it is not the ringworm.. I hope to God I did not give it to him.. His 1st. bday is on March 16, I hope he will not have it for his bday..


tinkri - March 9

Have you seen a doctor? I have had ringworm and so has my 9yo dd. We have an outdoor cat and cats are the most common animal of transmission. I have never seen more than 2 spots on a person at one time. It sounds like you could have something else going on. I would get it checked.


rl- - March 9

as someone that has had ringworm due to having cats when i was a kid I think you have something else going on I never had it spread like that I really think you need to go to the doctor ringworm is really no big deal and if you have been putting the cream on it, it should have gone away and not spread like what your saying sorry don't mean to scare you or anything but maybe scabies or something like that.....


Bridget - March 9

Just so everyone that doesn't know CAN know, ringworm IS NOT a worm. It's a fungal infection that makes a ring-shaped lesion on your skin. Maybe that can make it a little less gross. It is pretty contagious but yeah, the creams work to get it under control.My DH is prone to it and has had it a few times and I never get it, so go figure.


julie316 - March 9

I am going to the doctors in a while .. I will write back and keep you all posted.. thank you for you comments..


EricaLynn - March 9

I had ringworm at 16. I have had horses all my life and I think I got it from one of the horses in our barn. Its nothing to be embara__sed about, alot of people get it. I dont remember what it was but the doc. gave me some great stuff that got rid of it.


mommie2be - March 9

Gentian Violet will clear it up within 3 days. It's a frequent fun thing in the south. GV is OTC at ANY pharmacy/store.


julie316 - March 10

Hello, I went to the doctors, and I have to say that it was bitter sweet... I dont have ringworm.. I have a very mild staph infection.. Or it could be strep.. The doc was not sure, but I will be taking antibiotics and it should clear up in 3 days or so.. I am happy but not .. I know where the source is from .. My friend ,that bought the puppy, babysat a little girl with it on her bottom... a month or so later her daughter had it.. The months later her sister and her little daughter visited her and her daughter got it within a week of visiting.. My friend feels very guilty but I told her not to be .. I will be ok in a few days.. That is the bad news , but the good news is that I will not be contagious for weeks to a month.. So there it is.. Bitter sweet.. thank you all for your comments..


julie316 - March 10

I just took my new meds.. Doxycycline Hyclate// 100 mg. 2 times a day.. horay.. Just another thing I will have to do.. It sure beats me covering my spots up with the little round bandaids.. that took me at least 20 minutes.. Putting the antifungal and then opening the bandaids ( and I mean the really small round bandaids) and applying them to all of my 19 or so spots.. that was not fun.. Well I am now on my way to better city.. thanks again


mommie2be - March 10

Wow! Good thing you went to the doctor before it got any worse!! I hope you get better soon!!


julie316 - March 10

I am very happy I went too.. The doc said it would be bad if it was draining.. but it is more like pimples or even bugbites.. thank you very much, mommie2be.



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