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sahmof3 - December 13

What will you name your future children if you plan to have more or what are your favorite names that you can't use b/c you don't plan to have that many children? I've always loved Kylie... would've been my youngest's name if he'd been a girl... we're done though... my cousin just named her little girl Kylie. I also love Aidan and Malacai (nickname "Cai"). My best friend's expecting and told me that if she has a boy she's stealing Malacai LOL. I just can't get enough of these baby names HA! (Guess I need to get some pets to name).


Rabbits07 - December 13

I love Malacai, but hubby don't:-( I also like Aidan, but hubby doesn't like it either:-( If Mason had been a girl I liked the name Evie, but dh didn't like that one.....hmmmm, are you beginning to see a pattern here??? I also liked the name Jude for a boy, but....need I say more? ;-) Well, I can't say much as he picked out some names that I didn't like either. He wanted Mason's name to be Gurney *holding back vomitus* LOL. He had an uncle that died a couple of years ago and that was his name. I mean I understand that he loved his uncle, but I just could not like that name no matter how hard I tried and regretting what you name your child is NOT a good thing. The only one of mine that I really wish I had named something different is Randi and it irks me still.


piratesmermaid - December 13

Rabbits, Gurney? LOL and ConnorsMommy Alkada, LOL, too!!!! Let's see for a boy (in the future) it's going to be Benjamin Riley (for a while it was Bailey Christian) another girl, not sure, but the middle name is going to be Anne after my hubby's aunt that just pa__sed. Gwendolyn Anne is a possiblity. I really liked Savannah Blu but hubby was like #$&* NO! Same thing with the names Nora, Amelia, Charlotte, Scarlett.


piratesmermaid - December 13

By the way, I love names too. I've been planning baby names since high school, just because I like finding unique ones, usually on one of the babynamer websites.


sahmof3 - December 13

My best friend's daughter's name is pretty unique. It's Liliahn (lee lee ah (like say "ah) +n). I think it's pretty!


Brendansmom - December 13

Ever since high school I loved the name Grace. And of course right before I got pg, at least three people we knew used it either as a first or middle name so dh said no way :( So it was Brendan for a boy and Bridget for a girl. For the next one it will be Colin James for a boy and Meagan Grace for a girl. We had to come up with a new girls name since dh doesn't want both names to start with B. He has some wierd hangups! I really like Aidan, dh doesn't.


sahmof3 - December 13

I also like the name Evannie (saw it in my baby name book), but dh says it sounds too much like Ebony... and that Ebony sounds too much like Ebenezer. Men!! Well, bah humbug to him lol. He also made fun of Kylie when I mentioned it and said he'd call her Kylie Woyote, instead of Wylie Coyote. Oh well, I'd have used it anyway, because I love it :-)


flower.momma - December 13

My dd's name is Poppy Soleil, and my son's name is Flynn Briar. We are totally stuck for what to name a thrid if we have one. We would have to come up with something just as unique. Can you imagine being the poor sibling with a normal name in a family full of weird ones? It would be too sad. I really like the name Avalon for a girl, it is my hubby's grandma's name. But hubby says it is too heavy for a liitle girl. If hubby and I get preggers again, naming the baby will be the dillema of the century! There are some cool websites out there that have graphs showing the popularity of some names. Try thinkbabynames.com and babynamewizard.com/namevoyager/lnv0105.html. Verey very cool. Take out any dashes and add triple w's.


Rabbits07 - December 13

All through high school I always said my first girl was going to be named China Ryan. Of course, that was after the guy I dated all through high school that I just KNEW I was going to marry.LOL. Obviously, I didn't marry him so that name was out and not quite as appealing later on anyways;-) There is a little girl down the road whose name is Avalena and I think the name is so pretty, but she's a snotty little thing (learned from her mama) and you know how name a__sociation goes.


kellens mom - December 13

Sorry, I have been out for a while "contending" with family. I went to high school with 3 sisters with unique names. Aurora, Red Sky (sky- for short), and Aspen Northerner. Their folks were sort of hippies that lived off of very little and did a lot of trading for goods and services. For whatever reason, I did not know them well in high school. Once we hit college, I really enjoyed them...and have since enjoyed their names.


kellens mom - December 13

When I was growing up, my best friend and I came up with names that would use for out children. I created the name "Brylee" for my little girl. Unfortunately, I married a man who has all kinds of family with "lee" in the name (Papa Lee, Kylee, Kailee, Riley). I did not want to add to the confusion!


sophandbob - December 13

I have tons of boys names, but not many girls. If we have a girl she will be Katie Eloise Rose. I also like the name Chloe and Grace. If we have a boy he will be George Samuel _______ . We've not got a second middle name yet (I have this thing about having 2 middle names!), or rather I have loads, but don't think it is fair on my partner to use all mine. i like Ephriam, Benjamin (did want this as a first name until I met a horrible Ben!), Toby, Harry,. Might end up using my partners name as a second middle - Neil, but it is a bit to plain for me (I think because it only has one syllable. my partner likes Eric, because of the film 'the crow' but I don't like it at all!!


kyes - December 13

yay. kylie is my name!


SonyaM - December 13

Oh, I want to play....I love names. We have a tradition of naming our kids M names, it started with my inlaws. So our other names (for IF and i mean IF we have more kids are) Miles for a boy, Morgan, Mallory, Mandy for a girl. I love the names Sarah and Parker. I dated a Parker in high school and I always loved his name.


sahmof3 - December 13

SonyaM... this is funny.. Morgan is my sis' little girl (my niece). Mandy is my dh's brother's daughter (another niece), Miles is my SIL's new little bro's name (her dad remarried and had a late-in-life baby). Mallory is my nephew's daughter's name!! And Parker is my other nehew's son's name (Parker has an identical twin named Connor). We've got all your names covered except Sarah LOL.


lrodriguez83 - December 13

Well I have a litle boy and his name is Rene IV and he is named after his daddy. We want to have another one in a few years and if it is a girl, I love the name Carolina but not pronounced like the state, but like Carolena..... I have no idea for a middle name since her first name would be long and we have a long last name but I was thinking Isabel... Carolina Isabel sounds pretty to me. My little boy does not have a middle name so I guess I could have her without a middle name too. If we have another boy, my hubby wants to name him Robert but I like Emmanuel and call him Manuel or I like Isiah...


ssmith - December 13

I LOVE this post! I have also had a list of baby names since highschool, but it changes all the time! I hope that I have the opportunity to have a second baby....if I do, I might re-think wanting dh involved in choosing the name. We had a heck of a time deciding because our tastes in names are VERY different. If I have another girl, I like the names Ruby or Lilah. We almost named dd Sophie, and I still like it. Dh liked Georgia, I am not sure if I like that one enough to actually name my child that or not. Dd was going to be Kieran if she were a boy, dh picked that out and was very proud of himself! If I have a boy, it will probably be Kieran. If I whine and moan and cry...I might get my way and be able to name him Henry, which is my most favorite boy's name. Dh doesn't like it, but I'm sure I could convince him....or guilt him into it after enduring labor LOL.



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