I Love Baby Names

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ssmith - December 13

I LOVE this post! I have also had a list of baby names since highschool, but it changes all the time! I hope that I have the opportunity to have a second baby....if I do, I might re-think wanting dh involved in choosing the name. We had a heck of a time deciding because our tastes in names are VERY different. If I have another girl, I like the names Ruby or Lilah. We almost named dd Sophie, and I still like it. Dh liked Georgia, I am not sure if I like that one enough to actually name my child that or not. Dd was going to be Kieran if she were a boy, dh picked that out and was very proud of himself! If I have a boy, it will probably be Kieran. If I whine and moan and cry...I might get my way and be able to name him Henry, which is my most favorite boy's name. Dh doesn't like it, but I'm sure I could convince him....or guilt him into it after enduring labor LOL.


SonyaM - December 13

Sahmof3, that is really funny!!!!! Did you read my post the other day about the waiter I met that had my oldest ds's name, his brother had my other ds's name and his other brothers had my dh's name and my bil's name. WEIRD!!!!!!


dee23 - December 13

dh choose our little ds's name (william mark) --mark is dh's middle name. i really liked william as its traditional and sweet. and i love the nickname wil...so thats what i call him. for a girl's name, (hopefully well have one). ever since i was 6yrs old, ive always named everything, my dolls and porcelin dolls ashley adora lol. anywho, so dh loooves the name ashley, and we both want to use it, but, i have a cousin called ashley so i dont know if that rules out the name? and we also both like courtney and mary....and, my mum made me promise her (lol very strict kind of lady), that i would use my middle name 'lee' on our next if its a girl. so, in turn, we have ashley, courtney, mary, and a must use, lee....can anyone put those together for us so they sound good?....lol.


piratesmermaid - December 13

ssmith, I also love the names Ruby and Sophie, but my hubby doesn't. And Henry is my hubby's name. In fact he wanted to pa__s it down to our first son (if we have one) because my hubby is the third, but I vetoed that. dee23, my name's courtney! :) Oh, I went to several baby naming sites since this thread started and I like the name Willow for a girl as well. It wasn't inspired by the movie either.


mommyke - December 14

If I have a girl, it will be Natalie Paige but if the next one is a boy it will be Chase Edward. Chase was a VERY close second with my first son (Shane) but he just felt like a Shane, so we went with it. His middle name is Neal, after his father and Grandfather's middle name, so the next boy (if there is one) will have the middle name of my father (edward). I don't think there are too many Natalie's these days, and it goes well with my last name.


ssmith - December 14

I also like Will for a boy (not after Will & Grace) but my last name is Smith....so I guess that's out LOL


piratesmermaid - December 14

Oh, another girl's name I like but my hubby doesn't is Opal. It's a really old name, and belonged to one of my great great aunts.


bchflwr - December 14

I always wanted to name my first daughter Ashlynn. Just thought it was so pretty, but of course dh does not like it. Now I love the name Madison ( Maddie for short). Hoping to sell dh on this one if the next lo is a girl.


Nerdy Girl - December 14

I really wanted to name my son Cole but could not sell dh on the idea. We ended up naming him Henry, which is perfect for him.


carmendanielle - December 14

Oh, I love this game too! If we have a boy it will be Samuel Arthur- Arthur after DH father-which is very important to him. We also like the name Morris. For a girl we will have a tough time deciding-cuz there are too many! We love Ella Gray, Charlotte, Maude, Julia.....


luvmyboys - December 14

We have three boys and the last two would have been Cadence if a girl. I'm not sure if we will go for #4 or not. I don't know if I'd still want to use Cadence anyway, I'm getting kind of sick of it and we were going to use the nn Cadi, but my future SIL's name is Katie. Soooo.....the other names I love for girls are Natalie, Aubrey, Lilah and Evangeline. I also really like Carolena. If we had another boy, my two favourites right now are Kale and Casey. DS #3 was almost Judah and I still like that name but he ended up being Benjamin instead.


cae - December 14

I really love the girl names Ayla and Hylee.


jas - December 14

I am not having anymore... I am too old :) But I REALLY love the name Gavin. Jadon was almost a Gavin Slade. We chose Jadon because of it's meaning and was extremely fitting for us. If we ever had a daughter it would have been Nichole Grace.


Erin1979 - December 14

My MIL had something about naming all the boys J names, as did my oldest BIL...so as long as we didn't pick J names we were OK!! ha ha If we have a boy next, we're going to call him Bradley William James. I am a huge Brad Pitt fan, and hubby liked the name, so we're all set!! haha Girls names we had lots of, but it seems they are all very popular, so I think I'l have to rethink them. We both like the name Danielle, but I'm not sure..I had to look at Cate before I could say what her name was going to be!! :-)


Alison - December 15

Our baby girl is Grace, if we had had a boy he would have been Samuel so if we have a boy in the future I think we'll still use Samuel (Sam) If we have another girl I like the name Amy. It means "beloved" :-)


heyhey32 - December 15

If i was going to have a girl I wanted to name her Chloe...I love that name



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