I Love Her So Much

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Sarahsmommy - June 9

I thought after reading another post and feeling sad I would just share how much I love my little lady bug, some of you may want to do the same. Sarah kind of had a rought start in life. She had meconium(sp) staining when she was born and after seeing her for about 2 minutes she was taken to the nursery for 2 hours. She did do great when I tried to nurse her though, she latched on on the first try. Her second day of life she started getting jaundice which lasted a couple weeks, nothing she had to be put under the lights for or anything. A couple of weeks later she got colic and we had to deal with that. Close to the end of her colic we had to deal with reflux. About 2 months ago she had RSV somewhat bad. But though all of this I still love her SOOOO much. I am now back at work full time and miss her so much. I don't know how I ever lived without her and am so happy she is in my life. She is such a sweet baby. She loves to make people happy. If she does something and sees you smile or laugh she'll keep doing it to keep you happy, she's such a GREAT baby!!!! Have a great day everyone. :)


HannahBaby - June 9

Sarahsmommy i know what post you read and i know EXACTLY how you feel. I love my little HannahBananna more than words can describe. Everyday she makes me remember how simple and great life is. My daughter is the reason that i was put on this earth. My daughter was born 3 weeks early but was healthy, she fell a few days ago and had to get st_tches in her forehead so i have been up her b___t all week. Shes been extra snuggly because the st_tches was a tramatic expierence. My daughter was a happy newborn, happy infant and is now a happy, vibrant, expressive 17 month old. I could not have asked for a better child. Im 22 weeks pregnant and cant wait to add on to the beautiful family that we already have. There are so many terrible things happening in the world, Everyday i am so thankful that my daughter is happy and healthy. The sad thing is sometimes it takes a tragedy to make people realize how blessed and lucky they are to have what they have. I live everyday for my daughter and never take one day for granted (there is a baby who just died of sids down the road from where i ilve so thats shaken me up a bit!!) Have a wonderful day everyone and kiss your little babies as much as you can and let them know how much they are loved <3


Rabbits07 - June 9

I know how you ladies feel...sometimes I love Mason so much that I feel like my heart will burst. I have a cousin who's baby died at 15 days old of bacterial meningitis; May 25 would have been his first birthday. I thought about her all that day and what a hard day she must have been having. I found myself going and picking Mason up, even while he was sleeping, just to hold him and tell him how much I love him. I have been accused by many in my family of being overprotective of all my children. But isn't that what mommies are for? Am I not there to protect them from the things that might otherwise harm them? I got pregnant in between my 5th and 6th baby. It wasn't planned and to be honest when I first suspected that I might be pregnant I had a hard time dealing with it...then I got my period and was so relieved. But, it turned out that I was pregnant and ended up miscarrying 2 weeks later. When I woke up bleeding and found out at the doctor that I was pregnant I was devestated! At that moment I wanted that baby more than anything in the world! I still live with the guilt that I somehow caused that miscarriage. When I found out I was pregant with Mason I was estatic...I ended up losing the same job because of it that I had fretted over with the previous pregnancy, but I didn't care. There is nothing in this world I want more than to be a mother. I look at my children and the thought of them being all grown up and moving out is so sad to me. When they are all grown up, if I could turn back time and do it all over again, I would! I look at Mason's little hands and face and that big gummy smile and I know it makes my life all worthwhile.


YC - June 9

Sarahsmommy your daughter sounds a lot like mine. Instead of the meconium staining though she swallowed tons of amniotic fluid on the way out and had to stay in the nursery as well, then jaundice, then a milk allergy and had to be on hypo-allergenic formula, then reflux and had to be on Zantac and last but not least COLIC for 10 LONG weeks. At 4 months old Bronchiolitis. My little one is a trooper! I absolutely love her to pieces and I have a hard time remembering life before her. SHe is such a blessing!!! There are days where motherhood is very trying and in the early days of colic I spent many hours crying along with her and questioning whether or not I could handle all of this. I think we all have those days where we question if we are doing everything right. Through it all I have learned that I am not going to do everything perfectly but as long as I put my baby first and do what is best for her it will all turn out fine. Now at 6 months she is so fun. Sitting, crawling, playing, smiling, talking, etc. It gets more fun everyday!!! Sometimes she will just look over at me and smile. Melts my heart every time!


Marlene - June 9

I thank you for this post my lil man was born four weeks early and had to stay in the NICU for 5 days it was very hard. I'm back to work and school and sometimes it gets hard but when I come home and see his smile when he looks up at me it makes it all worth while. I love him so much sometimes it hurts. I cant imagine life with out him. He is my WORLD. Babies and children are just so special!! Thanks again for posting this


austinsmom - June 9

Gosh I am so emotional......I never could have imagined how wonderful it is to be a mommy.....I have been married for almost 10 years and for the first 5 me and my husband did not want any children but slowly I made the decision I would want a child and then went about convincing my husband and he and I are so thankful that we changed our minds....havent regretted it for a second!!!! When I had my little austinbug I tried so hard to b___stfeed but it turned out I had inverted nipples ( who would have thought that?) and so then I had to use this shield to give him something to latch onto.....well within the time of birth at 7 pounds and half oz and the time 3 days later when I took him for his first ped appt he was down to 6 pds and 4 ozs.....well they explained they wanted him to reach birth weight by 2 weeks......I spent the first 2 weeks feeding all I could and pumping but still austin was not gaining (thriving was the word) I felt so bad and I cried and cried to think I could not give my lo what he needed.....so then I finally started formula but continued to pump and soon at 6 weeks I dried up it was one of the most heartbreaking experiences of my life........I only wanted the best for my lo.....in spite of that he is so healthy and such a happy baby I thank god everyday for letting me be the one who is his mommy!!!!! He can just look at me sometimes and grin and I will just cry for the sheer pleasure of the this opportunity to love and protect something so precious.......ps....caught my husband doing the very same thing......I feel so ...for those who have lost their little ones or do not have the opportunity to have their own......I am as well an overprotective mom and proud of it!!! Anything wanting to hurt my lo will have to kill me first and I will not have anyone telling me anything negative about that......(I am talking about family and friends when I say that) I have friends who have never had children and they just do not understand.......I have such a special little man and he is developing such a sunny personality....and yes I know I am biased but he has to be the most beautiful little boy in the world......I make such a fool out of myself just to get a smile or laugh and to hear him laugh just brings a delighted smile to my face.....really I cannot describe how I feel but I know you all understand :-) ((hugs))


ry - June 9

I'm with you girls, I cant believe how much i love my babygirl. After having a cesarian delivery and not being able to see her the first 6 hours of her life I was a little detatched and scared of her the first couple fo nights. Now I couldnt possibly love her anymore! I just love hugging her and feeling her little sticky breath on my neck and nothing is like those bright eyed smiles! :)


YC - June 9

austinsmom I know what you mena about making a fool out of yourself to get a smile. When kai and I are alone I do all kinds of stuff...voices, songs, etc. She loves it! It's hillarious but I would be quite embarra__sed if someone pulled out a video recorder and taped me LOL!!! ry I could also relate to when you said you were scared of your lo the first few nights. Me too!!! I had this beautiful little girl who was tiny. I was scared I was going to break her. That quickly pa__sed though.


Bonnie - June 9

I am the same way. I can relate somewhat to the other post (if it is the one I am thinking of) in that Mason was soooo difficult with the reflux at first. It was non-stop crying and there were many times where I had wondered if I could do it. I can understand how when things get bad it can be very tough. But all I had to do back then was look at him when he was sleeping and just melt. It is still the same. Even if we have a rough day with teething and all, even if he has been a grumpy b___t all day, all it takes is one little smile to totally change my mood. It is amazing what an effect they have on us. I have 2 amazing step-children who I adore (they live with us) and love iwth all my heart. But I did not have them as babies and nothing can prepare you for the surge of emotions you get.


angelbebe - June 9

Yes! This is a good forum. Love me little sweet pea. My husband and I laugh at which one of us is a bigger goof around her. I feel like i can't cuddle her enough. She is so loved and it sounds like everyone elses babies on this forum are so loved as well. : )


Annette - June 9

When I was about to give birth, my baby started suffering due to the prostaglandin I had administered to induce labor. His heartbeat started to collapse and even though the nurses said I shouldn´t worry, I was in panic thinking that something bad could happen to him. Once I had him in my arms, so little and defenseless I knew I was lost to him. I know I b___h and complain a lot about motherhood, and yes, I have said that my life would be easier without the baby, but NOT better. He is my heart and my sunshine; he is always happy to see me, he always needs me, I can comfort him.... who else in this world gives me such value? I love my husband for what he does, but my baby is the only person I love even before I met him.


melissa g. - June 9

i couldnt agree more! i told my dh a few weeks ago, sometimes my chest hurts when i look at my dd, i love her so much, and he said he felt the same way. its hard looking after a baby but at the same time it is such a joy and a privilege to look after her. i have always wanted kids but i had a rough pregnancy and had a c-section but it was all worth it to have her in my life. I have never seen anything as wonderful as when she smiles at us!


gracie - June 9

It is nice to read this post. I am so in love with my little boy. I whisper to him every night as I put him down to sleep that he is my little angel brought down from heaven. Having my little goose has completed my life. He adds so much joy and watching him learn and grow and explore is the most rewarding experiance I have ever had. To be honest my heart is so full of love for him it scares me, I dont know what I would do with out his little sunshiny self. I had always been very focused on me and my life and I have to say having a child changed everything. I am still focused on me to the extent of making sure we will be okay. He is my main focus now though. I just cant help it. To me it feels that that is how its supposed to be. I am also pregnant 33 weeks expecting a little girl. They will only be 14 months apart, shows you how much I love being a mom, wanted to be one again... Although I think I will stop here...lol...


Rabbits07 - June 9

Well, isn't that just putting the icing on the cake?


Nerdy Girl - June 9

Don't laugh at this, ladies, but just wait until they are 3 years old. I have those bliss moments with my 6 month old son, and then I laugh remembering that I felt that same blissful way with my 3 year old daughter when she was an infant. Now I have to serious concentrate on how much I love my 3-year-old because I am ready to lose my mind on a daily basis with her stubborness, bossiness, temper tantrums, etc. Ay-yi-yi-yi.... if they could only stay babies forever! LOL.


pbj - June 9

I just saw this for the first time, it's so beautiful. My dh and I were saying last night how funny it is that we never paid any attention to babies/children before Mattea, now anytime a child walks by we always smile because we know exactly how much his/her parents love him/her. What can I say other than somedays I can't even see her clearly because of the tears of joy in my eyes. I never knew love before her and when she giggles I feel my heart will explode. My absolute favorite is when daddy comes home and she gets a big smile on her face and can't quite express how happy she is so all she does is grab his nose and open her mouth real wide and try to bite it. She can make me laugh and cry at the same time. Oh my little angel. (well she'll be my angel until she turns 13, lol)


dedaa - June 9

I just thught I would share a bit on how I feel about my two little boys sometimes when I look at them I feel like my heart is going to burst they are my everything the main reason that God put me on earth was to take care of these kids and give them all the love and protection they need. I am so happy to have found a thread like this to hear other mothers share their feelings about their little ones and no that your not the only on that is crazy in love with their children. Im always telling my dh that everyday that goes by it is like I love them twice as much as the previous day. I don`t know if I am just over emotional at the moment but the other post that you ladies are reffering to I just read b4 this one and it was really nice to come right to this one next. I jsut found out that I am now pregant with my third baby as of yesterday I was happy but shocked at the same time b/c my youngest is only 7 months I felt like I was cheating him out of time with me. Now today I am more rea__sured after having thought about everything alot more and knowing that this will be one of the best things that I could ever give my youngest. A little friend as my oldest who is 5 would say.LOL.The things that come out of his mouth are absolutely priceless. My children will always have my undying love no matter what they become in life I just thope that they will always give me the chance to cuddle with them and tell them how much I love them.



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