I Love You Guys Lt 3

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HannahBaby - February 6

My post about the shingles made me really happy to be a woman. I know that i have had a lot of disagreements with a lot of you but you are all here when i need you. You can google anything and find any kind of information that you want and it just helps to get tips and advice from someone who has been there before. We are all mothers and in the end all want the same thing. Happy Healthy Babies!! Thank you all for loving me and helping me, especially after the past few days. I have been coming to this forum for a year this month and have met so many wonderful women, so many wonderful mothers. I'm so glad that i have you all, and would like to think that i have helped some of you in the past. Thanks a million times.


bekysu - February 6

I agree with you Hannahbaby. Like I said b4, I am a neutral person in the VENT post. For me, this post is a place where us mommies can come and feel like a mother and a woman. I wouldn't want anyone to feel alienated on this forum when we mothers feel already alienated from our past lives. I know that we may not know each others first names or childrens names and so on, but I feel like we are all friends. We all know more about each other than our hubbys probably know about each other. Good for you for getting back on this forum for the help of your child. I'm sure it wasn't easy to get on here not knowing what kind of response you were going to get. A lot of people came together to help you in a sticky sit. and that is what this forum is about! Hugs-


Lisastar9 - February 6

Your Welcome take what ever advice you find good and remember and the bad leave it on the netwhen you shut down your computer for the day/or night which ever it may be. If only I can heed to be own advice. I seem to have a problem with it sometimes. As a matter of fact I am going though some right now. Wish I could just leave it on the net. Sorry for the vent.


bekysu - February 6

I meant "our hubbies know about us"


LollyM - February 7

Aww, I feel really close to all the ladies on this forum as well. I know I disappeared for a while, (got busy!) but I'm glad to be back. I will have been on this forum for a year this april. I feel like we all understand eachother in a way that not many people can understand eachother. I guess only a mother can truly understand the thoughts of another mother!


Rabbits07 - February 7



jas - February 7

That is what we are all really here for anyway, is it not? To lean on eachother when we are ready to pull our hair out, knowing there is someone on this forum who has been there and done that. I have not been on in a while (still in the middle of that move from Japan to England) but I have been popping in to see what has been going on, and chose not to get involved in the silliness. Because bottom line - it's the babies that are important and it's the babies that brought us here. I know we have not gotten along much in the past, Hannah, but I still wish you the best and I hope everything will be ok with your little one.


Emily - February 7

It is reasurriong to know we can be adults about this! Hoep you are feeling better about the shingles thing. Hope you lo doesn't get sick, heck if mine got it I would be crying cause she is so young and she is older than yours (7.5 months) also you will have to let us know how your son is doing....


torbman - February 7

It would be pretty boring if we all agreed on things. I like different views on things. It lets you see different sides of life. Take care and glad to be here


mandee25 - February 7

I am so glad that there is a forum like this to post questions and the occasional vent too. I have been coming to this forum since I got pregnant last March or April. It is the only one I use and pretty much the only thing I get on the internet to do besides checking my email. Thank you HannahBaby for posting such a positive thread and I hope your LO escapes the chicken pox. I have never had a problem with anyone on this forum (that I can remember) and don't care for drama. I know some people live for it. But anyways, I love this forum too and you ladies are awesome! :-)


bekysu - February 7

the only person I ever had a problem with was "s_x and pregnany" forum. Remember, who was it, imsoofly, or somebody like that said they had s_x 4 days after a v____al delivery? WHAT??? Then she went on the Maury show to find out who the daddy was and was excited b/c she and her baby were going to be famous. I had some issues with that girl!!!???


rl- - February 7

hb don't worry not all of us blasted you about the wic thing I read it and did not even post I think your nice and have never seen you be nasty to anyone!!



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