I M A Little Hurt So

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bradylove - March 5

I'll be watching but not posting anymore, not for a while anyways. I feel I have to defend myself in this post. I've always treated everyone with respect and given useful information and opinions. I've been treated poorly by someone who has been condecending on a thread I started and now all for voicing my opinion about a thread that I felt was inappropriate. And I guess no else felt that way and needed to be hostile with me about it. I really don't need the stress right now. DH and I have been ttc for 3 months and I need to pay more attention to myself and my kids and not be on here so much. So it's been a blast, while it lasted, and I will miss most of you.


Smilefull - March 5

hey, sorry that people hurt your feelings..*sigh* sucks that you'll be leaving us...and good luck with ttc. I send you lots of baby vibes! (;


KLC - March 5

bradylove I'm sorry to hear that you feel personally attacked. I just think that people don't always agree on everything. That's what makes us all unique, right? If we were all the same and all agreed on every post then lofe would be pretty boring IMO. Hopefully you will reconsider leaving after you've had a few days to yourself. Good luck on ttc :)


ashtynsmom - March 5

I hate to see you go, but I understand the negative vibe can really get to you, and you start to let it effect your life. Maybe just take some time, but come back and visit after a while.


KLC - March 5

Man, proofreading would proably be a good idea for me!!! I meant life not lofe. LOL


mandee25 - March 5

Aww bradylove, I am sorry you feel that way. I have never had a problem with you and it's cool that we live so close. Have a nice break from here but don't leave for good. :-) You will be missed!


Smilefull - March 5

Hey! Don't let immature people win!! Thank you for backing me up on some of my posts. (;


srigles - March 5

That sucks. You'll be missed. Good luck ttc!


mcatherine - March 5

Good luck, hon...


shelly - March 5

just take time out and come back.i think as mellissa said on another post just seems to have been a sensitive week.


ash2 - March 5

As you know, i have had to leave too because i felt i was paying to much attention to the threads and not enough to my everyday life. People did hurt my feelings but i still kept in touch with most of them from myspace. You just cant let them get to you though. The people that hurt my feelings never even really came onto it and i was a member long before them so i didnt let them get the best of it. I come on here mostly because it gives me good advice about the kids and what everyone else does compared to what i do. We are all women and we all get our feelings hurt because it is our nature. We are very compet_tive towards each other because one feels we have better advice than the other. Please do take some time and come back. It did make me feel alot different about things. Its funny how people on the computer can get you so freaken angered, lol ! I will miss you even though we didnt get along very well.


pinkbo0tlace - March 5

take care hun.


aurorabunny - March 5

Bradylove---I will agree with whoever said this has been a sensitive week. But I totally understand you needing to pay more attention to your family and your everyday life.....but sad to see you go!! Just remember that not everyone will get along and hope to see you back soon! =)


Renea - March 5

You will be missed here. Hope you will join us again soon. Prayers that you will be blessed soon with another little one.


sisiesmom - March 5

Why do you people have to announce you are leaving?????? Just STFU and go!!! No need to try and have a pitty party for yourself. Grow a thicker skin and come back when you can handle people not agreeing with you. Thats life...get over it, and get over yourself. Sheesh.


Smilefull - March 5

not nice sisie


Renea - March 5

sisiesmom---why don't you use your real forum name instead of coming on here and trying to continue to cause trouble. The only posts you seem to have posted are those that bash and belittle others. Get off your high horse!



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