I M A Pampered Princess Today

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sahmof3 - February 17

Well, the good thing I will eventually get to comes after a week of Leah getting over diarrhea and Nathan getting it (he's had it since last Saturday) and not being able to get to the bathroom on time... which meant several times of going over his carpet with a steam-cleaner. Then last night he was throwing up in the night and this morning... now he's just resting. And of course MOUNDS of laundry from those lovely events ;-(..... anyway, here's the pampered part... My parents took pity and invited to lunch to get out of the house (we've also been snowed in) to a semi-fancy restaurant near here! Woohoo! Phil is being very gracious and letting me go... of course that might be because it will be kids' nap time lol. I'm so spoiled today!!!!!!


Renea - February 17

enjoy your day--you deserve it!


Rhiannon - February 17

Yay!!! I hope you don't come back to a poopy, pukey house!! LOL. My dh would do that!!!! But have fun and eat a lot!!


sahmof3 - February 17

LOLRhiannon... I half expect to *sigh*... but it will be worth it ;-)


Momof5 - February 17

Have a good time today... It sounds like you need the break! It's nice to let hubby see what it's like to be home with the sick kids..


Rabbits07 - February 17

I hope you had a good time out this evening....sounds like this past week has sucked big time for you! Hope it's all over:-)


kellens mom - February 18

I hope you had a terrific time. I am glad that someone I know is getting spoiled! I spent the day sanding and varnishing 100 year old trim so that the guys could put it up on monday. My dh says I am spoiled because I am getting a new kitchen/bath. Why doesn't it feel like it? And since when is it MY kitchen/bath?


KLC - February 18

enjoy your day and think of all us grunts still at home in the trenches cleaning puke and c___p. LOL just kidding. Have a WONDERFUL time.


mandee25 - February 18

Enjoy your day hon!!! :-)



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