I M Addicted Why Can T I Stop

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DB - March 11

Well, last week my dd had a bad experience with formula and now we know she has a cow's milk intolerance (she is 99% br___tfed, having formula was a fluke thing). The pediatrician didn't think I needed to cut dairy, but I thought I should try and see if there was a difference. I failed miserably. I'm addicted to milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream!! Then today I was doing further research and read that some babies with cow's milk intolerance have nasal congestion (yup), eczema (yup), slight coughing (yup), gassiness (oh yeah)....So, I'm convinced my dairy intake is affecting her. I have to be strong and stop it with the dairy!!! I really hope I can do it this time. Sorry, just had to vent about my weakness. I feel like a terrible mother!!


Ciarasmom - March 11

Just to make it harder for you. I read that you have to cut out dairy for 2-3 weeks before you can see if there is a difference. Good Luck. I don't tink I could ever give up ice cream or chocolate. But u could always try soya or rice products ( if she doesn't have a tolerance to these as well) to get you by these few weeks.


ash2 - March 11

Well i know its hard, but just try to do it as long as she is b___stfed....it wont be much longer....stay strong !


LisaB - March 11

How old is she cuz it could be something she outgrows. My ds had issues with certain foods until he was around 4-5 months then I started reintroducing them and he was fine. Try Lactaid milk it has no lactose my ds is allergic to milk so thats what he drinks now. You can do it. It really will go by soo quick I would have the hardest time giving up milk so I feel ya


LollyM - March 12

that's tough. Just stay strong and remember how much you love lo. Maybe now can be a good time for you to experience some new foods and find some yummy alternatives =) I do understand how you feel about having to give up a food you love. I have to give up soda because of my reflux. I know, it's not quite the same, but I just love to drink soda! good luck to you =)


baby-love - March 12

I think Lactaid still has lactose. It just has the lactase enzyme added to it to help your body digest it.


MommaMia - March 13

One word: SELFLESSNESS. Ciarasmom, you said you do'nt think you could ever give up ice cream or chocolate....what about if it hurt your child?? DB- you aren't a terrible mother, but if dairy is what is bothering your child then you need to stop being weak on her behalf. You are her mother!!


DB - March 13

Well, I am on day 2 of no dairy. So far so good. Mommamia, I guess the problem is I'm not 100% sure that my dairy intake is affecting her, especially when the pediatrician told me not to waste my time cutting it from my diet. But after I researched and saw the other "signs" I have quit. It is hard because I'm not a big meat eater so I have limited choices to get protein etc. and cheeses are great protein and fat sources, and I'm avoiding all beans as well. But, as I said I'm doing good so far since "officially" quitting dairy.


Ciarasmom - March 13

Hi MommaMia, I didn't mean I couldn't give it up for my dd, I was implying in general. If that was what you got from my post than you read it wrong. My daughter means everything to me and if I was eating something that was making her sick I would stop in a second.


DB - March 13

Ciarasmom, I knew what you meant. I think we'd all give up anything for our child's well being. Unfortunately for me it's been a guessing game if dairy is an issue or not (she also has reflux which accounts for some of her fussy times)...I guess that is why I wasn't so adamant about giving it up until I read up more on the topic. I don't think I'm a selfish person at all and I'm sure you're not either.


Ciarasmom - March 13

Thanks DB you made me feel better. Good job on being on day 2. You'll find out soon enough if it is the dairy. I know that dairy only effects me if I drink milk, my body can handle everything else. She may be the same way, it may be only some dairy products if any at all. In 2-3 weeks try eating one thing dairy for the week and see if it has an effect on her, if not add another for the next week and so forth (I'm sure you probably know this already) it will give you an indication what dairy products if any at all is causing the problem.


mamagoose - March 13

Would going for any non-dairy subst_tutes do it for you? Like chocolate soy milk, or fruit sherbet instead of ice cream? I'm addicted to dairy too, I can't imagine how hard it would be to give it up! Good luck, and hopefully you'll be able to determine that dairy doesn't bother your dd so you can have it again.


mom2be0606 - March 14

sorry if tmi... I know exactly how you feel... my baby was milk intolerant as well and I was completely off of dairy for 6 months (even through Thanksgiving...really hard!) My lo was REALLY fussy for the first few weeks and pretty much would only sleep being held because of heartburn. Her pediatrician tested her stool and found blood (microscopically) indicating that her intestine was irritated from my dairy intake. So, I nursed her for 6 months then put her on soy formula. At 8 months she was over it. Here are a few dairy-free subst_tutes I used... Smart Balence Light (for b___ter...works well in recipes too) Plain Silk Soy Milk (I really didn't like rice milk!...worked well in recipes too) and for ice cream!!!... I bought Purely Decadent Dairy Free Chunky Mint Madness & So Delicious Diary Free Chocolate Velvet They tasted closest to regular ice cream...and I tried a lot! I found them at Whole Foods as well as some health food stores. Unfortunately, I could find nothing that was even close to regular cheese :( Hope this helps! I had a really hard time as well but it's worth it in the end! One good thing about it was I lost weight REALLY fast. ppl couldn't believe how quickly I was back to my pre-pregnancy size!)


DB - March 14

mom2be-thanks so much, that's great advice. I'm sooooo wierd about trying new drinks, so trying soy milk will be hard for me, but maybe if I try it with my Special K first it won't taste so different. I totally forgot about b___ter!! Oops, or maybe I have margarine in the fridge?? Have to check on that one. We don't have a Whole Foods really close, but I know the grocery store has an Organic food section, maybe I'll check there for some stuff. I'm hoping to bf til about 6-9 months I think. Thanks again!!


Heather F - March 15

DB when I took my bfing course at the hospital they were adament that dairy was no good for bf ing babies and that it was the only food I would have to be careful about. So when dd was born I cut ALL dairy out, I started with Silk (soy milk) in my cereal (it is good, trust me) In fact now that dd is weaned (she is 11 months old) I still use the soy milk in my cereal in the morning! It wasnt as hard as I thought it was going to be because I knew it wasnt forver! Another really great positive for cutting out dairy for yourself is how much it helps you loose the baby weight! Good luck!


MommaMia - March 15

DB - ah, gotcha. I know its hard trying to figure out just what the culprit is. How old is your dd? I had to cut out dairy as well but now at 5 months i'm starting to add it back slowly - so far so good. I tried cheese first and had no problems. I am going to add a gla__s of milk in the evenings now..maybe have a gla__s the first two nights and see how it plays out the next few nights with dd. Ciarasmom - I guess I did misread. Sorry. I just read that you said: "I don't think I could ever give up ice cream or chocolate". So thats what I thought you meant. I was not trying to come across as rude. I say Selflessness all the time. That is the big word around my house now that dd is here.. its all about her.


DB - March 15

My dd is 6 weeks old...So far it's been hard to tell if anything's changed. Her nose seems a bit less stuffy and she seems less ga__sy, so we'll see what happens in the next week or so. I do plan on getting to the grocery store today to buy some soy milk. I'm dying for a bowl of Special K!!!



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