I M Annoyed Need A Vent

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LisaB - February 22

Ok my dh is on my last nerve I take care of our business, all the bills at home as he thinks the due date is mearly a suggestion, I juggle our money to cover all our bills as money is super tight right now, all of which stresses me out like crazy in addition to that I do 95% of the housework, all ds laundry, bath ds nightly as dh doesn't feel comfortable doing it so I have to beg him to do it once a week. If we are going to have s_x I have to initiate it. It really seems like I have to do everything then today I asked him to call his dad to find out details for his stepbros wedding so I can plan a sitter for ds (cuz god forbid my dh do it) and my dh got all p___sy with me cuz the wedding is no til April- ya well dhs mom is gonna watch ds and shes a planner unless dh hs a better idea for a sitter then he should speak up. Honestly sometimes he drives me nuts. Then he gets mad at me cuz I am stressed out well help me out a little. The business was his idea but I am here Mon-Friday and take care of everything I hate dealing with taxes and legal c__p but I am left to do it cuz he won't hes driving me mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry really had to get that out.


ashtynsmom - February 22

I know how you feel. Only difference is my husband is currenly laid off... so he has NO EXCUSE why he isn't helping!


soon2bemomof3 - February 22

my dh is NOT any help either. Matter of fact, he is home from work today with the kiddos and I bet a million dollars I'll get home and NOTHING will be done, dishes will still be in sink, house a mess, kids needs baths, etc. etc. I do it ALL plus work full-time. ughhh, men, when will they get it?


dee23 - February 23

yeah i recon you should ask him to babysit for a day, or just make him do it. then when you get home, he will be a changed man! he will then understand everything you go through. but make sure you right a list of all the things he needs to get done ontop of looking after baby.


LollyM - February 23

my dh works allot, and I stay home, so I guess he just a__sumes that i should take care of EVERYTHING but getting the money. I budget our money, pay the bills, buy the groceries, household things, do the laundry, clean, cook, everything. I'm lucky if dh changes one diaper a week! I don't mind doing household stuff, but it really gets me upset when dh leaves dishes around and leaves clothes and socks all over the apartment for me to pick up later! I keep telling him that I'm not his maid, but I guess it doesn't matter! Sorry, I guess what I'm saying is, I know how you feel!


Emily - February 23

I feel for you. You explained our situation perfectly excpet no home business. He gets craby cause ht laundry isn't done. Well it is done just not put away casue I always have a kid in my hands so I can't carryt he baskets upstairs. It wouldn't kill him to do it. and then he messes them up after I had them all folded and sorted getting a shirt. our problem is he is always trying to initiate s_x and I am too d__n tired. I mean I just spent all night getting up to feed Marcy (8 mos an she got up two times last ngiht!) and taking Mary to the bathroom and sitting with her cause her mouth hurts, she is cutting molars! yay! Let me know if you are able to get him to help and how you did it. I wiould love to know.....my favorites is when he compalins about stuff but doesn't help me. like dishes or kitchen is messy or no laundry. my favorite is when he can't find something he acuses me of "Putting it away" Well let me tell you if I put it away, we would be able to find it. He jsut lets things fall whereever, drives me nuts!


mandee25 - February 23

LollyM, I say the same thing to my dh!!! "I am not your maid or your mother." lol Really, my man isn't that bad but I do most of the housework, most of the baby care, pay the bills, etc. He does help out IF I ask. One thing I hate is when I put his clothes in the dresser and he messes them up or leaves the drawers half open because he's in such a hurry all the time. Men, you can't live with 'em and you can't shoot 'em!


LisaB - February 23

I do want to say my dh really is a good guy and an awsome dad I was having a bad day yesterday was stressed over money and exhausted I feel bad cuz normally hes a great guy.



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