I M Being Silly

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mia - January 23

ok, i know this is going to sound stupid, but here it goes. my neighbor children came over and they brought their two year old siblings. that's fine but i noticed that one of the little girls was dirty and the other sounded and looked like she had a cold. then one of them picked their nose and reached for my child!!!! yikes!!!! i was constantly watching what they would touch and even the oldest girl had a cold. i told them they couldn't hold my baby b/c they had colds and i didn't want her getting one. i'm a new mom, so i was going a little overboard. i know she'll be exposed to a lot more. i just couldn't help thinking that i would have to wipe everything they touched w/clorox wipes. after they left that's exactly what i did and i wiped my daughter down w/her anti-bacterial wipes. i never used to be this way, boy being a new parent changes you! are there any of you a little paranoid of germs like me??? it's kinda of funny b/c i felt like that guy monk on tv who's obsessive/compulsive. oh well, such as life.


Beth - January 23

I have not even had my baby yet (edd feb 3rd) and I am already freakin about this! My niece has croops and I am so worried she is going to pa__s it to my son. I am trying to figure out how I can tell everyone to wash thier hands before they hold my newborn. My friends, inlaws, and family are just going to laugh at me! Also this is kind of interesting...I learned in my first aide cla__s that newborns get sick bcuz people always cough and sneeze into there arm......well that is where the newborns face is when they are being held. Ugh now I want people to wash thier hands and strip! Yes silly I know but I am a first time mommy too!


Beth - January 23

Oh yea so I don't think you are being silly and I would have done the same thing as you!


kris A. - January 23

I dont think your silly, I would have escorted them out the door. My oldest daughter was ill and I kept her at the other end of the house until she got better - I didn't want my 7 week old to battle a cold or flu. Of course she didn't mind (she's 15) and had her stereo, tv, dvd and phone to occupy her time - and she got a break from the neverending "can you get me a wipe, diaper, bottle, etc... " that I seem to keep saying to her... I gotta work on that.


jg - January 23

I don't think you are silly either - I won't let snotty-nosed kids near my baby! I carry wipes wherever I go so that I can clean his hands after he has touched people/surfaces!!


Annette - January 23

Ditto. One thing is being paranoid and other to use your common sense. I don´t want everyone touching my newborn, let alone little children with colds, at least for the first weeks. After that you might even want them to, just to help your baby build antibodies.


CEM - January 24

Mia, I would have been the same way!!! I'm not generally scared of bacteria as I know many of them keep us safe but when it comes to my baby I don't take any chances. Especially with cold sores, those things freak me out! I hate them. I sometimes get them and am always very careful with friends kids and my own, but some people just don't care. I asked an acquaintance from work to babysit once and she came with a HUGE cold sore. That in itself was fine, but she kept touching it and then touching my son's face and all his toys. It made me so mad. I was worried sick she was going to be pawing all over his "bits" when she changed his diaper and give him genital herpes or something. Freaky!


oh wow - January 24

Beth youhave freaked me out even more, although I don't sneeze or cough into my arm, I have seen my inlaws do this. I have no problem telling people to wash their hands or at least use the industrial sized antibacterial I had and will have at each entry way, but now I know they are going to think I have lost it when I give them T-shirts to change into when they get here.


Kelly K - January 24

I REALLY don't think you're being silly. I have been having a constant battle with my in-laws about the same thing. My daughter is 10 weeks old now, but wanted me to bring her to crowded restaurants when she was 2-3 weeks old.. I don't think so!


Meredith - January 24

Just wait until you have a snotty child AND a newborn. haha! I still dont like other peoples snotty kids touching my baby, just my own.


Barb - January 24

yep..yep..me too! Whenever we're out and people come up to Trinity and look at her, they get close and say "oh how cute! " and I'm thinkin' "please don't touch her..please don't touch her".LOL...and my 2 older kids have been sick the past couple weeks with the flu and I too made them stay on the other side of the room...sprayed( or should I say SOAKED) the couches with Lysol..haha.. ya, it's normal to get obsessive about germs : )



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