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Lindsey - July 10

Please help, my ds has been crying non stop for 6 hours, i thought at first it was constipation but he has never had hard stools, saying that his last bowel movment was this morning and he normally has 3-4 a day. He has been sick on his last 2 bottles (formula fed), projectile, not just spitting up. We changed his formula yesterday to Cow and gate Omneo which is supposed to help digestion as he suffers from colic, i gave him his usual formula (SMA gold) tonight as he didn't seem to get on with the other stuff. Do you think this could be the reason. I am waiting for his doctor to phone me but we have up to a 6 hour wait, as he is classified nonj urgent. He just wont settle, he is normally quite fussy about this time, but only normally for half hour, this has been going on now for 6 hours and i'm at dispair. I am in tears and I just don't now how I can help my ds. he is 3 1/2 weeks old.


Lindsey - July 10

Oh when i say crying, I mean screaming - he is screaming so much he is going red in the face.


mommie2b - July 10

maybe he has an upset stomach


erenimi - July 10

Call your Dr. Better safe then sorry.


hmreyna - July 10

I think it could be b/c you changed his formula. When I switched formula my ds was also very fussy, but not near as bad as what your saying your ds is.


Tillie - July 10

Oh my gosh, that's terrible! Projectile vomiting and screaming for six hours straight cla__sifies him as "non-urgent"? I would call the ER.


angelbebe - July 10

OH poor George!! Man, oh man...you have tried the shhing, swinging, swaddeling, etc...? I'm sure you have. Oh, yeah, I mean if he is really screaming and none of those things are working, I would take him into the doctor. OH, poor guy!! Oh, I feel so helpless for you!! PLease let us know how it turns out.


ash2 - July 10

i think he might be allergic to the formula. but signs and symtoms like that you need to call the dr.


Bonnie - July 10

Firstly, don't keep switching formulas without consulting the ped. It wreaks havoc on their tummies. Speak to the ped abotu it asap to discuss teh best formula choice for you. Secondly, if the crying is literally unconsolable....I mean by it being non-stop no matter what you do. If she calms down for 15 minutes and then starts up that doesn't count. Try a car ride as well and see is that calms her. But if it does not and her cries have been that strong, you need to call the ER to discuss it and they will decide whether or not you should go in.


lindsay - July 10

awwe.. linds! poor george! it's like 2 steps forward, 3 steps back for you two! i would guess that the formula change has upset him, but of course , i'm no expert... i hope you have talked to his doctor by now and have gotten some help... hope nothing too serious! let us know when you get a chance...


Lindsey - July 11

Well i waited another hour after this post and phoned the doctor again, I took him to A&E and they had a look at him, he didn't hve a temp and they checked all over for rashes, so they discharged him and put it down to colic. Argh so annoying but I am grateful that it is nothing serious. I told the doctor i had been treating his colic with infacol and he said some babies just son't respond to anything for colic ad he will outgrow it by 6 months, he's only a month so only 5 to go. I mentioned that I had changed his formula as per the health visitors advice and he said it obviously doesnt agree with him so to change straight back. We brought him straight home and gave him some of his original formula, he was fussy for a bit but i think he was so tired he cried himself to sleep. He fell asleep at 1am, i checked him every hour, but he didnt wake until 5 for a feed, he is still bringig up vomit (just milk, not cheesy looking) after every feed but he is not fussy anymore. Thanks you all for your advice xx


Narcissus - July 11

I hate the word, "colic". That's fancy for "we don't know why your baby cries so much!". Have you asked your ped about trying some infant tylenol. I am convinced that colicy babies may be having migraine-like headaches. Some researchers have suggested this as well. Next time he cries for a few hours, you may want to give him the smallest amount of infant tylenol and see what happens. Consult with the ped first.


Bonnie - July 11

I agree, docs are way to quick to chuck it all up to "colic". Colic (if there even is such a thing, in my book I am not so sure) is described as uncontrolled periods of crying generally lasting around 3-4 hours and usually around the same time everyday. To have a 7 hour crying episode that is out of the ordinary I would not think of as colic. Grrrr....stupid doctors. Sorry, but if I had listened to the colic excuse, Mason would have had permanent damage from reflux acid and probably ended up with surgery. I don't think as mommies we should b__w off everything a doctor says, but there is sure something to be said for instincts.............Lindsey, I have no clue what could be wrong and you are probably the most likely one to figure it out. Check out the signs and symptoms page on www.infantrefluxdisease.com and make sure you are not dealing with a reflux issue. I am glad he finally got some sleep though! Hopefully today is a better day.



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