I M Doing A Little Graph Project

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Shannon - July 12

hi ladies! ok, i'm doing this little project. it's totally for fun (i'm a SAHM) and because it sounds interesting. -i wanted to compare ages of both people in a couple (make sure to tell me which is the man, and which is the woman!) -frequency of s_xual intercourse per week (or month, but i'll be focusing mostly on week) -general happiness with your s_x-life(on a scale of 1to 5- 5 being blissfully happy, 1 being miserable). -if you feel up to it, getting your husband/partners rate of your s_x-life would be awesome, too. it'll be interseting to see if there's a disparity. if you don't fee like participating that's ok! it's completely voluntary and i won't be sharing any info. if you'd rather email me your stats my email is [email protected] and email me or tell me your email if you are interested in seeing the graphs i make. i'm not gonna get to make them until Monday probably because i'm going out of town. but hopefully that'll give me plenty of time to get lots of info! hahaha, can you tell that i have plenty of time on my hands or what *rolling my eyes*


sahmof3 - July 12

OK. I'll be brave and go first, but someone PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go after... hehe. Anyway, I'm 31 and dh is 38. S_x- once a week or once every two weeks (what can I say, 3 preschoolers at home!!) and I'd rate our s_x life a 4 or 4 1/2 (are there 1/2's allowed?). It'll be interesting to see your graph!


Maggie - July 12

I'm 27, my dh is 33. S_x-once a week, maybe twice. I would rate it a 5!!


AprilMum - July 12

My husband and I are both 23, and it's usually like three times a week, and I think I really would give it a five.


Ginny - July 12

I'm 24, and dh is 25. We get busy about 5-6 times a week (blush) and I'd rate it at a 5. He says 5, too.


erenimi - July 12

I'm 20, dh is 29. S_x is like.. 4 times a week, and i'd rate it a 4.


Lindsey - July 12

I'm 27, my dh is 28, no s_x as waiting for 8 week appointment (only 4 weeks to go and trust me I can't wait) not sure if it counts but i would normaly rate it 4, i asked hubby and he said 1 until i smacked him round his head and he said 4 also.


Selena - July 12

I am 29, DH is 30. S_x a couple of times a week now that we have DD. S_x life is rated as a 4. DH rates our s_x life a 3 d/t not enough frequency.


MichelleB - July 12

Im 29, DH is 28. S_x probably 1 to 2 times a week on average (except TTC :>) I am happy. I would rate a 4..there is always room for improvement!


Nick - July 12

I'm 33 and my husband is 32. I am off for the summer the the frequency is higher, about 3 times a week and I would rate it a 3.5 or4.


Bonnie - July 12

I'm 35 and so is DH though I am 5 months older. ;) Our s_x life has been non-existent since havign Mason in January. BUT...my drive was down and DH just went through back surgery. We are both getting rather emmm....impatient, lol. Generally it is very satisfying and hopefully we can have a nice date soon!!!....Our s_x life can normally be anywhere from a 3 to a 5 depending on how exausted I am, lol.


HannahBaby - July 12

I am 21 and my husband is 31. We have s_x about 15 times a month. Right now im a 1 for happiness in my s_x life (but thats because im 27 weeks pregnant) im uaually a 5. My husband says 5 as well (when im not pregnant)


ash2 - July 12

i am 25, my hubby is 34. right now we have not had s_x in about 3 months because of being pregnant and now waiting for the appt. but on average i would say 1 time a week. i would rate it probally a 4.


jas - July 13

I am 34, my dh is 35... We average about 5-6 times a week and we both rate it a 4 1/2. Baby usually interrupts, or our other one, which knocks off the 1/2 pt..


kristie h - July 13

I am 22 and my dh is 25, we make love about 5-6 times a week i would rate our s_x life a 4 s_x is becoming a chore for me as we am ttc.



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