I M Getting Soooo Jelaous And Upset Am I Being Quot Crazy Quot

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sashasmama - January 24

Sorry, long vent. Sasha's 13 months old. I've stayed home with her for a year, and nursed till last week. Then about two month ago I got offered a part time job, my MIL said she'd watch her 8-12 every day, so I took it. Then I started college (AGAIN!) and I hate it, but I have to do it, so MIL also watches Sasha monday and wednesday after work. This is driving me crazy, I"m getting so jelaous I don't know what to do, on top of all other things that are driving me crazy. I leave the house spotless and come home to a wreck, Sasha all in food stains, and she would not let MIL feed her her snack, so she is hungry and tired. On top of it all I'm starving, and MIL always talks how Sasha's been so good, and didn't make a peep, but as soon as I get home she starts acting up. Today I got home from class and she took her somewhere! I called her to let her know I'm back, hint:bring my baby back, and she said that they are on the way back, but are going to stop at a store and look around. I went into her room and she left her lovey! She never lets go of that thing, sleeps, eats, bathes with it (it's a my little pony), and MIL left it there! When I saw it I cried. I just miss my baby so much, even though when I stayed home all the time I just wanted to have some time alone, and now I just want those days back. Anyway, they came back like an hour later, and Sasha looked like a little clown, all mismatched, and wearing the stupid cowboy boots that are the size for a 2 year old that MIL bought her. I was like WTF, those things are like bricks, you can't even bend them. I'm sooo mad right now, she is so sloppy and messy, complete opposite of me, so anything she does makes me frustrated, but when it comes to my baby I'm just about at a point of exploding. I wish I could quit the stupid job, but then we'd be getting by paycheck to paycheck, without any money left over for entertainment or going out to eat, or whatever. But then I'm thinking is the stupid money worth all the time I could spend with my angel, and save me some nerve cells (which by the way don't replenish themselves when they die like all other cells in our bodies).


Kara H. - January 24



Topaz - January 24

I wouldn't say you are being "crazy" at all. I would feel the exact same way if I were in your shoes. Are you trying to do too much by working part time and going to school? Maybe you should reevaluate your working part time to spend more time with your daughter. She will only be this young once. Another thing, maybe your hormones are off because you just stopped bf. I would give the situation some time and see if things get better. Hope this helps. hang in there.


hello - January 24

Sorry to hear what u are going thru, i guess with us all being different what you see as wrong your mil sees as no biggie, dirty clothes etc etc.... I think its even worse when its our mother in law to be honest....You r lucky its only from 8 to 12 and she is good to do it, some mother in laws like mine want no part in their grandkids life.... She is not on the ball like you are and being mums we do remember our kids special toys, make their fave foods etc.... I guess u have two choices, to understand we arent all the same and realise although she has some flaws she loves sasha with all her heart.... or to give up something whether it be school even so it doesnt get you as much with sasha being away from you...As hard as it is i am sure the lady is trying you know, just ask her to at least have clean clothes on her when you pick her up and remind her that her lovey is very important. (whatever that is hah) Make sure u always pack it and pack things you would be happy for her to wear... Are u the person with the mil who has her own wardrobe for the child? I know its hard just try to see the good in the situation, i hope i have helped in a small way......sorry i just read she does it at your house.......i know its hard coming home to a madhouse but at least sasha is in her comfort zone with someone she knows..... you are lucky u dont have to wake her at 6 and be at mils at 7ish or so.... When u are fuming try to focus on the positives.... sorry if i have repeated myself too much........


EMBERBABY - January 25

No, not crazy at all. It's understandable that you feel a bit jealous but atleast it's only part time and school is only 2 days a week. But just remember YOU ARE MOMMY and no one can replace you =0)


Rabbits07 - January 25

Not crazy. It's natural to want things to be done the way we would do them. I would just really a__sess the whole situation if I were you. Do you feel the extra money is worth the trade-off? If you don't HAVE to work to make the bills then maybe give some thought as to how you could cut some corners and budget your money to make it last a little longer. If you are in the sitch that you have to work then I understand that you probably feel pretty helpless right now. I understand that it feels horrible, but try to keep the perspective that your dd is with someone who loves her very much and will care for her properly.


apr - January 25

i just want to add is there maybe someone else who could watch your dd? i didnt see u mention anything about day care, so i a__sume its not what ur looking for. on the other hand try to look at the good part of things. if your dd is happy, and your MIL is looking after her the way she should, then I would just overlook the rest. you can kindly request that she be home with dd when you arrive home, and if she is an understanding person she will. i wish my MIL would even take some interest in her grandson, my FIL included. I swear they'd never ever call to see how we r doing or their grandson.



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