I M Having Second Thoughts To Leave Or Not To Leave Lol

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apr - March 8

ok, this may sound funny. I've been on this forum since I miscarried in August of 2005. I received amazing!! support on the pregnancy loss board, and then I moved onto the first trimester board 2 months later. I didnt come on here for a while after and then I came back when I was in third trimester. That break was only because I didnt have the internet during those months... I have made firends on here, and I have really enjoyed coming here... but the things going on here have really upset me... And the main one was the 'Pink' / 'pink' story, for the plain reason that I gave her lots of support on here when she came on about her ex and depression, and I helped her a lot over in the single and pregnant board... I feel like I was totally betrayed. This morning I saw Brittany's post about leaving, so Iposted on her thread that I am leaving too...Basically I am having second thoughts. I like this forum. I can always ask and give advise. I dont play drama around here (I hope not!) and I dont think I have to lose something that I like a lot for trolls around here... So, I will probably stay : )


Jennifer28 - March 8

Please do. It is so nice to have all of the 'real' ladies here I have grown to depend on. I also came to this board via the "pregnancy loss" forum in Dec. '05 and couldn't have made it thru pregnancy #2 w/o most of the ladies I have met here. And now that I am a mom for the 1st time I really depend on this site for advice. I think if we just ignore those that we discover to be trolls, everything will soon go back to normal. Until some other troll finds our happy forum and tries to stir up more drama. It is all so silly, I think. Stick around and hope it will get better. I think that is the best we can do. :)


ssmith - March 8

I don't think I have EVER commented on any of the drama posts over the last few months.....but I can't help but put my 2 cents worth in now ~~ Why can't people just ignore the stupidness?? Do people really take it that personally that they have to leave? I don't understand..... I am pretty sure that we all know who is "for real" and who are truly "forum friends".... why do people feel the need to get involved with the idiots? Anyway, I also feel that if you leave ~~ then the idiots win. It is all about the "reaction" isn't it?!?! If nobody gives a reaction ..... then the idiots will have no power. Sheesh. This is a infant / pregnancy forum. Let's make that the focus..... and continue with the advise sharing and the support & encouragement of each other. There. That's my rant.


ry - March 8

Ssmith, you took the words out of my mouth. Apr, you've been here a long time and i love talking with you. Why let these idiots decide whether or not you should stick around and talk with your friends?


apr - March 8

ry-u and smith are both right. The fact is that I was talking to Pink for a long time. I just feel so confused right now. Is she pink alone? or Pink and pink and the other pink and WTF? I just cant believe this sweet single mother has turned into an impositer. or is she?


BriannasMummy - March 8

I totally agree with ssmith and ry.. they are so RIGHT. The people that are obviously causing havock want a reaction and they are definatly getting it when people say they are going to leave because of them. Why let the disturbers dictate what you can and cannot do? I feel horrible about the pink situation because on one hand if its the one and only pink being all of these different people she is screaming that she needs help and then on the other hand if there really is someone imposing on her then shes gettting a bad name for nothing. I understand you being confused.. its a crazy situation. I just wanted to say that Im so happy that you have reconsidered. Dont let them win! ~Kristin~


shelly - March 8

stay apr,you have a lot to give,it will all calm down,i remember reading some of your older threads with pink from way back so i know how you feel,she will proberly take time out while it all calms down.


HannahBaby - March 8

Apr, im glad your staying. For once i missed all the drama (which im glad i did) but im hoping that all the ladies that said they were going to leave come back, i love you all :O) and have all helped me immensely


mcatherine - March 8

Hannahbaby - you missed all the drama? Did you miss where you were pregnant again there for a little while, lol??? (someone dug up and old post about ultrasounds and responded and a lot of us were like WHAT? until we noticed the dates...) apr - pluuuueeeezzzzz.....just go already. :o) :o) haha



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