I M Showing Off A Bit

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Bonnie - March 8

My little man is just so wierd. He is just so behind on things like moving and getting up, yet he is so ahead on other things like shape sorters. I just wanted to show him off a little, lol...(no dashes)...s37.photobucket.com/albums/e60/BCreevy/?action=view&current=ss.flv


Lindsey - March 8

Aw Bonnie, he is awesome, I loved his little temper when he couldn't get the red triangle in, but he managed it. George is nearly 9 months and he hates rolling, shows no sign of even trying to crawl or stand up but I know he will do it 1 day so I don't stress. You are right to want to show Mason off.


hmreyna - March 8

That is great!! He is so cute!!


BriannasMummy - March 8

Awesome.. Thank you soo much for sharing that one minute and thirty seven seconds of your sweet little smart boy!! ~Kristin~


jenrodel - March 8

Aww! That is so sweet... I always love your videos of Mason... he is such a cutie, and so smart!


Bridget - March 8

What a doll, I love him dancing to the music! How old is he? That shape sorting stuff he did is pretty advanced.


Bonnie - March 8

Thanks guys! :D Bridget, he is 13 months old. Lindsey, Mason does not crawl at all. He started to scooch on his b___t at 11 months old so he is mobile at least. He STILL does not roll. If he is in his crib he can roll on and off his belly. But if he is on the floor, he can not get off his belly at all, so don't feel bad, lol. It's wierd to have a 13 month old that can't roll hardly. Mason is pulling up onto his knees but that's it. And even worse, he can not get into a sitting position when he is laying down (though that works in my favor for nap times). And yet when it comes to fine motor skills and cognitive stuff he is ahead. he does shape sorters, spends most of the day opening and closing lids, boxes of wipes, lotion lids, etc. He can open my DVD's, take them out and even take the paper out of the sleeves. He just likes to figure out how things work. But he won't friggin get off his b___t, lmao. I think they just like to learn things in their own time.


Kara H. - March 8

Bonnie - Have you thought about having him evaluated for physio/occupational therapy? We had Max evaluated a couple of months ago. He was also advanced in fine motor, cognitive, social skills, but lagging in gross motor skills. He missed qualifing for free therapy by a half of a point. But they still took about a half an hour to go over exercises and games to help him along. They had some really great tips that really helped. There is a website which I believe is called early pathways that advocates early intervention and they have milestones for each age group that should be met (they are not as aggressive and advanced as in the baby books). You should check out their website, as it takes into account that some kids just aren't in a hurry to get moving! :)


Kara H. - March 8

Ooops, I had the name of website wrong. It is pathwaysawarness.org


Lisastar9 - March 8

nice video of Mason,a fresh exciting thread instead of drama thanks Bonnie.


sahmof3 - March 8

What a cute video!!! He's adorable... and getting big!


Bonnie - March 8

Kara I have been considering it, thanks for the web site. mason goes back to the ped in another month as she wants to see if he is progressing so we make look into it then. I hope he doesn't need it. :(



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