I M Sick To My Stomach

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CEM - December 18

I woke up this morning sick to my stomach and feeling very achey and tired, and I've started vomiting lots. I think I have a stomach flu, which in itself is survivable. But the problem is that I'm br___tfeeding lots, and I can't keep anything down, not even water :(. I don't know what I should do, keep eating and getting sick in the hope that I'll retain some fluid? Or just avoid it altogether? Any advice would help.


Christy - December 18

Eat ice chips and popsicles ans take small sips of Coke (not Pepsi), ginger ale, or Gatorade. When I got really sick once, nurse-on-call told me to do that and to not eat solids as it would only make things worse. Apparently coke and ginger ale have some medicinal quality that calms the belly and Gatorade will help restore your electrolyte balance.


lisa - December 18

hey i hope your feeling better, i know that flat coke mixed with water is really good to kep down as its a hangover remedy, i would keep eating, try dry toast and soup if you can bear it, if you can stil eat id go to the docs, as it only takes 6 hours for the b___stmilk to get week and the last thing you need is a hungry fussy baby when your lll, lucozade is good too, get well soon


Christy - December 18

P.S. Hope you are feeling better soon!


CEM - December 18

Thank you. I feel even worse now, this is the first time I've been able to get back on again. I live out in the country, so can't really get out for Coke and stuff (wish I could). The food idea sounds good, but I dry heave even at the thought (sorry TMI). I think I'll get my husband to drive to the store when he gets home.


Jbear - December 18

When I was a kid and would get sick, my mom would make jello with double the usual water in it, as a beverage. It always stayed down.


Narcissus - December 18

CEM, try to keep fluids in, little sips at a time. I hope you feel better soon. The stomach flu is the worst. Keep us updated.


Dawn C - December 18

I am curious to. I always worry if I get sick or whatever. I strictly b___stfeed!!! If I have a bug or virus is it still OK to b___stfeed????


Shelly - December 18

Hey,sorry to hear you are feeling c___ppy!!! It'is a couple hours later,how are you feeling now? BTW,check your e-mail.Talk to you later.


lisa - December 18

to keep yourself hydrated simply, mix a pinch of salt with a spoon of suger in a small bottle of warm water, that will stop you dehydrating and not make you feel so sick


erin - December 18

CEM, sorry about the sickness...I felt the exact same way for two days a couple of weeks ago...I did drink coke and it helped a bit, this is after i did vomit for hours and had a fever...i could not eat anything but bits of crackers the first day and i do b___stfeed also. Dawn C, i read that it is okay to b___stfeed while sick b/c your child needs the antibodies your body produces while sick.


T. - December 18

When I was a kid, my mom gave me peach syrup when I was nauseous and couldn't keep anything down and that always seemed to help me. At least it would hol me until I could get some nausea medicine in my system. I hope you get better soon!


CEM - December 18

Hi everyone.... Well, I got my husband to get me a coke which helped a little bit for an hour or two, long enough to eat a tiny bit of solid food and get the kids to bed. But now, I feel very cold again even though I've got 2 thick layers on and a huge comforter! Not sick enough to come on here again and check your great advice. I think I'll go drink some more water.


CEM - December 18

One more thing... my baby is very crabby and it seems like there's not enough milk for him :(. But to answer your question, Dawn C, not only is it fine to continue b___stfeeding but recommended. Your baby will get all your illness-fighting antibodies and get better quicker.


monica - December 18

CEM sounds like everyone given you good advise already...I just wanted to say I hope you feel better soon.


CEM - December 18

Thanks monica! I hope I feel better soon too! Mind you, I can live with all the pampering I'm getting... and my lack of parental duties!



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