I M So Concerned About My Sons Circumcision

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expectingbaby1 - June 9

When my son was born, he apparently had a lot of foreskin, I don't know the cause of this or anything but when he was circ_mcised, the doctor who performed the surgery said his was a little difficult to do because there was so much skin. It is all healed now, he's 3 1/2 months old. But my concern is that because he had so much foreskin, they didn't cut off enough. I don't know for sure but I've had both my mom and boyfriend look at it and they all kind of agree. The head of his p__s is still always covered by the remaining skin and he doesn't even have to be cold. We're seeing his doctor within a few weeks for his four months appt and I'm going to ask her opinion on it, but I'm almost sure she's going to say they didn't remove enough skin. If that's the case, do you all think I should go back and have him re-circ_mcised or should I just leave it as it is? Or maybe it is normal afterall? Help, please! I'm so confused and also scared, this bothers me so much.


MNMOM - June 9

my good friend had the same issue with her son. it bothered her so much that she got another opinion from a surgeon, he told her it was fine but that her son was different enough that he may get noticed a little in the locker room and that it was up to her, he would do the surgery if she wanted. She ultimately ended up getting him surgery to remove more skin - she had this done just before he turned 3. She is happy with the result now and glad she had it done, but I know that she had a really hard time making the decision. Doctors are really really cautious now about how much skin they take off, they do the procedure more conservatively now than in years past so I think this will become a more common issue. I'd say get an expert opinion and good luck.


lmk - June 10

It sounds like it was a conservative circ. I don't know that there's any health concern to that. I'm wondering, why are you worried about it? Because of the way it looks? At the worst, he may end up looking uncirc_mcised.



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