I M Stuck In A Rut Any Ideas

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ssmith - January 20

It is too chilly to go out for a walk with my dd, and I feel as though I am going a bit stir crazy inside! I feel as though I have run out of new and exciting things to do with her to keep us both amused. Everyday we read the same books, play with the same toys, I sing the same songs.....she pulls out all the cd's from the rack a hundred times, and I pick them all back up again a hundred times. I feel like I am living in that movie "Groundhog Day" where everyday repeats itself over and over again.....does anyone have any cool ideas to get us out of this rut? DD is 8.5 months old, by the way......and DH has the car.....


Emmie - January 20

I know how you feel-I am starting to go crazy too. My husband is always hunting lately so that leaves me sitting at home all day. I am bored out of my mind. I make cookies occasionally change around the house. My son is 8.5 months old. This is probably a bad idea but his new game is to rip up the phone book. We have so many we gave him and old one and he sits there and tears the pages out one at a time. It is really cute. My son has so many toys so alternate them so he does not get tired of the same ones all the time. I know what you mean though. I have no new ideas.


waiting100 - January 20

Right there with ya on this one! My ds is 9.5 months old and i am going stir crazy myself! I think it is the time of year - so freezing here and windy, no one wants to go outside let alone bring your baby out into those weather conditions! I am a SAHM and my dh also works alot -- 7 days a week! I almost feel like I want to go back to work, but then I dont want to leave my ds in a daycare either! I feel so lucky to be able to be at home with him but on the other hand, I am getting a bit bored! Me and ds do the same things all day long - poor guy, I wonder if baby's get bored? I know winter season will pa__s and soon it will be Spring and Summer and me and baby will be super busy--swim lessons, my gym, walks, playdates--but man winter indoors is TOUGH!!! So dont feel you are the only one cause I am in the same boat!!!


shelly - January 20

waiting100,you said the exact words i had been thinking myself about work and and being a sahm,so glad its not just me,sorry ssmith ive no idea either.


Kara H. - January 20

Are you on a bus route? Get one of those small lightweight cheapy umbrella strollers (easy to take on the bus) and go to the mall! Even if you don't buy anything, you can get a walk in without freezing! We usually run into people we know so it becomes a social event too! Check with your local library. They may have a baby/toddler story time. If you are not on a bus route, consider taking a taxi one day a week to go out for a while to the mall or library. Do you have any elderly neighbors? Take them cookies and introduce yourself. They will love the company, you will like the diversion, plus your little one will love the extra attention. Now could be a good time to clean out closets and get a head start on your spring cleaning. That way when spring gets here, you can get out and enjoy it instead of cleaning!


hello - January 20

I recall someone else writing saying it seems to be like groundhog day.. I know what you mean, its frustrating enough and i take her out ...Rotate the toys once a week or so... boxes, wooden spoons, pots and pans...wrap some boxes and get her to unwrap them for something new.... try find a nearby playgroup to be around other mums... How cold is it that u cant get out? If its bearable then wrap up warm as the fresh air is good for your baby and we all need fresh air... the occasional dvd.. hope u get some more ideas.......


Lisastar9 - January 20

Maybe take a bath together with food colouring. Fill some plastic containers with rice and make cheap marakahs(sp) take out the topss and pans. Turn on some kids or music you like and dance together. Play hide and seek peek a boo. chase your baby on all fours. If I think of more I will let you know


Lisastar9 - January 20

Pots and pans sorry.


kellens mom - January 20

next time you do have the car, head to the library to check out new books and some kids videos. Our library has tons of both! How about decorating the windows in the house by making paper snow flakes. I realize that you dd is too young, but my dd enjoyed putting finger prints on the paper in colored paint. You could send them to grandma and grandpa when you are done making some. We were going to take a cheap photo album and put dd's not so great pictures in it for her to play with. kellen is 9 months old and LOVES to look at herself in pictures (is this insight for time to come? Maybe we should start building her a bathroom with plenty of mirrors!). How about growing some beans in the window sill? They are fun to watch grow...nature is magical at any age. I would enjoy checking on its progress. A longer project might be a potatoe. Poke toothpicks in it so that it is held halfway in a cup of water. It will take awhile to get going.


Nerdy Girl - January 20

OMG, I totally use that "Groundhog Day" a___logy with my husband all the time. Too funny that you all feel that same way too!


sahmof3 - January 21

Do you have any neighbors that are stay-at-home moms? Maybe you could do a lunch at your house and chat. My neighbor used to come over when we were feeling bored and have coffee or lunch.


shelly - January 21

sahmof3.I do this once a week with one of my neighbours,just breaks up the day a bit,when its cold and we are just staying in i find myself some days not getting dressed until 1 oclock,roll on the summer.



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