I Missed My Baby Today

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karen - January 6

I guess today it has really sunk in that I have to work 9-5 and be away from Kodi for so long. I could not wait to get home to him, to find him sleeping wnated to wake him and squeezze him (did not of course). Today he rolled all the way over and I missed it. I felt so depress and guilty for that. I have been dsoing good so far just today has hit me really hard :o(


Dawn C - January 6

OHHH Sorry to hear you missed him rolling over. I know it has to be hard but if you have to work you just have to. I could not imagine if I had to go back to work. One day he will understand that working is what you had to do at the time. But I still know it must be so hard. I think about all of you and hate it that it has to be that way for you!!!!


karen - January 6

Thanks. I am here waiting for him to wake up so we can go for aour usual walk around the neigoborhood. Loves it he is noticing so much things now.


TC - January 6

Awww, Karen. Don't worry there are so many milestones that you will see and soon he is going to be rolling all over the place. Work is a necessary evil and I really believe that children, no matter the age, understands to a certain degree. I am going back to work when Danny is about a yr old. Won't be easy but at least I have about 6mos to prepare for it. BTW, How old is Kodi?


Eryn - January 6

I feel your pain. I got called in to work today and I just keep stareing at pictures of Ellie. Hope it gets better for you. Is Kodi in daycare?


AutumnsMommy - January 6

I hear ya! I'm almost done at work--just 15 minutes to go. I work in a brand new call center and we barely get any calls so I'm on here a lot throughout the day. Most of the day though, I spend starting at pictures of my daughter. She goes to daycare, and although it's a good one, I still feel so guilty! I miss her so bad!


Heidi - January 6

Don't feel bad Karen. I have to start work the 17th and just dreading it. I'm going to take Emma to her daycare next week part time to get her used to it a little bit. I work 7:30 to 3:30 and DH will pick her up right after three so when I get home she'll be there. I don't commute so at least I don't have to waste precious time traveling to and from work. She's only a couple blocks from my work. It's still not making it any easier!


SonyaM - January 6

I have a suggestion... I worked after my first son was born and my mother kept him. We had an agreement that if he did something new that day (rolled over, laughed, etc) she wouldn't tell me. That way when he did it at home I thought it was the first time (even if it really wasn't). It worked great for us!


TC - January 7

I really like that idea Sonya.


karen - January 7

Thanks guys. He is at hom eiwth my grandmother and he is four months. My MIL is coming to look after him when my grandmother goes away on her trip. Tha tis a really good idea Sonya I will try that. He seems so happy on weekends when it is just me and him. He loves my grandmother and his face lits up everytime he sees her. Makes me a bit jealous :/ But I am happy he is in great care.


karen - January 7

excuse the typs he is at home with my grandmother. What a cluz


Heidi - January 7

You're lucky Karen. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to work if I knew a family member was watching her. Unfortunately that's not possible for me :(


karen - January 8

I feel for you Heidi. We considered day care and did all the necessary checks. IN the end we felt good that my grandmother was able to care for him. When he is a bitr older maybe 18 mnths he can start day care to learn social skills.



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