I Need A Rub

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sahmof3 - February 9

Haha! What am I talking about? A spice mix rub!!... I'm making cornish hens tonight and my family's coming to dinner. What can I season them with? The package just says salt and pepper, but that's a little boring!


mosley12 - February 9

ms. dash...i LOVE it...i use it on almost everything..lol..theres so many different flavors, and its so good! and im suppose to be cutting out on salt because of bp, so this makes it easier!


mosley12 - February 9

and i could use a rub of different sorts..valentines day is coming up and ive been hinting to dh i need a day at the spa! i got it for my birthday so im hoping he pulls through again..lol


KLC - February 9

I've never made cornish hens before but the staple in my spice cabinet is seasoning salt, lemmon garlic pepper and garlic and onion salt.


aurorabunny - February 9

Well my mind's in the gutter...LOL. My husband found a recipe off the internet for cornish hens with brown suger and some other sweet spices...made them on X-mas (with crab stuffing). Yum!


Renea - February 9

Sorry sahm, no rub recipes here--we are bland people (or at least I should say my husband is)...I can't even put chili powder in chili =( I'm bummed--I had pulled out a "roast" to put in the crockpot for today and was getting ready and realized I bought sirloin steaks, not a roast....wwhhhhaaaaaa...now I actually have to cook tonight.


Renea - February 9

would they fix this dumb url thing already---had to retype do to too many w's .


sahmof3 - February 9

Yummy! These sound good. I think I will have to go with the sweet one or maybe Mrs. Dash... if there's not onion or garlic in it. My grandma and dad won't eat garlic (they are pickier eaters than my kids!).


mcatherine - February 9

You have to baste cornish hens a lot, don't you? I would put the spices in whatever you baste them with so it doesn't just run off into the pan. I actually just use salt and pepper on the hens and a melted b___ter/olive oil baste every 10 mins or so, so the skin is crunchy and they are a nice caramel brown. They are also good stuffed. My hubs favorite is when I stuff them with blue cheese, walnuts and cranberries. But I've stuffed them with a lot of different things over the years - just what ever I find around the kitchen mixed with some bread crumbs :o)


mosley12 - February 9

i think they have a mrs. dash garlic, but there are a ton of them. i love the original and one for hamburgers


LisaB - February 9

Ok I was a vegatarian for years what the heck is a cornish hen?


sahmof3 - February 9

I don't really know lol. My mom bought them and brought them here for me to make tonight... she didn't like what I already had planned, which was chili. I have cooking instructions and that's about it! I'll let you know if they end up being edible. Each one looks like a little chicken (kinda like a mini turkey).


Kara H. - February 9

A cornish hen is a small like a pheasant and the meat is a little "richer" tasting than regular chicken. ~ SAHMOF3 - I use this same mix on new potatoes - I mix together EVOO, corse or fresh ground black pepper, garlic powder, dill, time, rosemary, onion powder, and salt. Of course you could leave out whatever was offensive to your family. I also like Mccormicks Rotissarie Blend. You just shake in on and bake. And it gives the chicken a nice golden finish. I will also rub in on the inside of the bird as well.


USMC_wife - February 9

This rub mix is great on just about everything. I use it on my lamb roasts all the time, and just used it night before last on a hen. Take kosher salt (regular will work if you don't have kosher), oregano, basil, garlic powder,rosemary, pepper, and sugar. Put in a bowl and add enough olive oil to make a runny paste. Blend all together ans baste over hen. It os sooooooo good! Also, the best way to cook a hen is if you soak it in salt water all day.....it makes absolutely the most tender meat, and is not way salty. I call it salt water chicken. lol



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