I Need Breastfeeding Help

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lacy - December 18

I have been trying to br___tfeed. My br___ts are so full of milk that they leak and they hurt. She will put her mouth on my nipple and areola, suck and pull right off. she does this over and over. She cries and is frusterated. I dont know what I am doing wrong! we need help!


Dawn C - December 18

sounds like she are not getting a good latch on your b___st. did your hospital not help before you went home?


me - December 18

I had the same problem with my baby before. I was so frustated and ending up buying the nipple shields and pumping my milk. I know some people would say don't use bottle for newborn because it may cause nipple confusion, but I didn't want my baby to starve. What I did was alternate it with my b___st few times a day. I kept doing this until he was 1 month and was able to latch well. I hope it helps, or you can try to call lactation support in your area.


Christy - December 18

You may also havr forceful letdown and she can keep up with it. Some people pump a little right before they nurse to decrease thr force at which the milk lets down. Another thing to consider: are you eating anything unusual (spicy, etc) that may taste bad to her? i think it is probably what Dawn C. and me said, or that you are letting down faster than she can take in. You may want to call a lactation consultant for some help, too. Good luck!


Christy - December 18

Sorry, I meant that your dtr cannot keep up with the letdown, not that she can.


The real Lissi - December 18

Have you managed to have any successful feeds with her so far? I just wondered, because my daughter used to do the same thing when she was tired. I would get her to sleep for a bit and then feed her, and she latched on fine the second time round. It could just be your teqnique that needs working on though. I fed my baby with b___st and pumped milk in a bottle, right from the start, and she did used to get confused, but I managed to feed her anyway. If your worried about confusion, they say cup feeding is better.


C - December 18

How old is she?


The real Lissi - December 18

God! So much advice! Breast feeding really is a challenge, isn't it! How can something so natural be such a pain in the a__s? Hope you and baby work it out soon Lacy. Just a thought, but if your b___sts are very hard and full, it could stop her from latching on. If you pump a tiny bit to make them softer, that might help her. Good luck!


emma - December 18

lacy--I know you are frustrated but it gets so much easier! My 3 month old had the same problem--she couldn't get a good latch--I had flat nipples on top of it! I used a nipple shield on the side she had the most trouble with for a couple of weeks; also I pumped maybe half an ounce before she nursed in the beginning just so my b___sts didn't feel like rocks! I'm sure you are doing great and you are providing so much nutritution to your baby---just don' t give up because b___stfeeding is seriously the most fulfilling experience of my life--and like I said, it gets easier. You and your baby just need practice. Good luck! And if you need any more help or advice, we're here to help.


Heidi - December 18

Try to pump a little bit out so your b___sts soften up a little so she can latch on. The first week weeks I had that problem as I'd get engorged and then she couldn't latch on cus it was too tight! Or try pinching your b___st so she can grab on. This should relieve some of the milk also but hand pumping a little bit will soften your b___st up. I still get engorged but not nearly as bad as when I first had her.


BBK - December 18

Though our daughter never had a problem latching on the nurse showed us a nice little trick. She showed my wife to drizzle a little formula on her nipple so the baby gets some motivation. If you exclusively b___stfeed, then you can do this with pumped milk. Put it in a bottle and with your other hand let it drip down to her mouth when she's semi-latched. Eventually she'll get the hang of it.



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